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Memorial Day Weekend Plans?

For those of you celebrating Memorial Day, what are your plans for the long weekend?

I feel like doing something fun in addition to some projects outside, but I don't know what. Looking for inspiration. We have a 4 day weekend as MH does not work Fridays, and all I have for ideas is a little gardening, repainting the front door, and going to the drive in movies if something good is playing.

Re: Memorial Day Weekend Plans?

  • Gardening, working on the bathroom remodel, picnic with my parents, date night. I work on Sat. too so it will be a full weekend.  MH was going to take Oliver off-roading but decided we had too much to do at home so he decided to stick around this weekend.  I'm pretty happy about that.
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  • My actual to-do list for the holiday weekend includes:

    Weed gardens

    Buy plants and landscaping fabric

    Plant my annuals and my veggies/herbs

    Organize entry closet

    Finish walk-in closet in bedroom

    Go through master bedroom closets

    Take a crap-load of stuff to Goodwill

    I'm probably being overly optimistic about what we'll get done, but I hope we can at least make good progress.  This will definitely be a 'working' holiday weekend for us.

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  • Dh will probably be stuck at work all weekend. I'm going to head to my local parade with P and my BFF. That's about it. Exciting, I know.
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  • Nothing too exciting. I hope to get a few small projects done around the house. Monday, we'll have to watch the parade (I live on a main road and it goes by my house) and afterwards it will be a picnic at my aunt and uncle's.

    I am hoping it will be nice weather over the weekend and maybe we can go to the park and stretch our legs!

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    DH also has a 4 day weekend (he doesn't work Fridays either). We have to finish our front porch project on Friday. It's been 6 longs months of doing it and it's finally almost finished! Yay! Then we have to plant some flowers/plants in the front gardens, finish laying grass seed, paint the white trim on the front porch and clean up the backyard. 

    Then also, relaxing, playing with the kiddos, BBQs and park. Should be a fun weekend!  

  • KrisM86KrisM86
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    We are heading up to my mom's lake house on Saturday morning. My mom, my sister and her fiance are joining us on Sunday. It's 3 hours away and it'll be our first trip with the baby so hopefully it will go okay!
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  • We are going to a wedding on Saturday so we're doing a 5 hour road trip to NJ Thursday night.  We've flown with DD but never done a road trip, so this could be interesting.  I'm looking forward to catching up with a lot of old friends Friday/Saturday, then driving back Sunday and catching up on the usual weekend laundry/shopping/cleaning on holiday Monday.  
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  • Camping/boating. We have gone for the past 8 years, and it rains 80 of the time. I didn't mind it before having Gator, but now I hate it. We are storing my sister's toy hauler so I told SO I wasn't going this year unless we took that instead of a tent. So he convinced his cousin to tow our boat and we will take the toy hauler. I was glad I would be inside and the noise of Gator waking up wouldn't bother anyone, until SO informed his cousin that everyone else could stay in the toy hauler as well. Awesome....now I have to jump up and grab Gator every time she whimpers. Guess I just have to suck it up, as it will be our dogs birthday and we are spreading her ashes.
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  • Not too much planned over here. We have a graduation party Friday night, H might be going to hockey playoffs on Saturday night, and we have two BBQs to attend on Sunday. I really wanted to run this half marathon that my friends are running on Sunday morning, but I just cannot justify the cost of the entry fee. They are so expensive now!
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  • We have lots of grad parties to attend this weekend. I am hoping in between going to those we can start sorting through all the random junk that has been collecting over the six years we've been married. We are moving in June and I don't want to haul it all with us. 

    Maybe some pool and BBQ time if the weather permits.


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  • I will likely be nursing a newborn and crying a few times a day.  :)

    Any day now....  

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  • It's going to be an awful weekend.  I will either be prepping for trial next week - long hours, no sleep, no fun OR I will be with the inlaws because my father-in-law's health is deteriorating and no one is making him go to the hospital and figure out what's going on with him, so DH and LBB are flying up to make sure he gets medical attention.
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