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Back to work I go :) :(

We moved out of state for a new job for DH when I was 17 wks pg with A.  While I kept my eye out for a job, we pretty much assumed being pg, that I wouldn't get hired and I'd be out of work until 3 months or so after I had the baby.  The long term plan was never for me to stay home.

Well I found a job.  It's full time, (I was hoping to find something part time) but its for the school district, so the hours are pretty good, no over time or anything, and except for summer I will be off when the schools are off.  It's a 5 min drive from my house at most, where I used to commute 45 min one way, so I will make up some time there too. I start 5/29.

I have such mixed feelings.  Literally one minute I can't wait to get back to work and the next I'm crying at the thought of it.  I never thought I'd enjoy staying home, but I really do.  I like my career too though, and right now we need for me to be working, so it is what it is.

No real point to this post, just sharing the news.

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Re: Back to work I go :) :(

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