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What are you doing instead...

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What are you doing instead... of getting ready for baby? Or am I the only procrastinator?

Instead fo doing all the things I need to be doing... we're landscaping, which could certainly, absolutel wait until next year. In fact, the plan was to wait until next year!

But there I was yesterday at The Home Depot loading a flat bed up with shrubbery.

Please forgive my typos! I'm not as dumb as my iphone would like you to believe :)
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Re: What are you doing instead...

  • This weekend I was crocheting (nothing for baby) and watching old episodes of Bridezillas. :)
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  • That's still being productive!

    We got everything baby related done super early because of our risk of PTL, but now we are doing stuff around the house.. Basically whatever I can think of. I shouldn't probably care and spend more time just enjoying one on one time with DS1 but I can't sit still! I just want to organize and clean!

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  • Sitting on my couch with my feet up Stick out tongue  I'm kind of limited in what I can be physically doing right now anyway, but I still need to get DH to help me with the rest of our to-do list...(which is thankfully short now). He's at work and so not much will get done during the days when I'm home.

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  • I'm just being lazy- I look at all we have to do, get overwhelmed and find something to watch on Hulu. I'm a  fail!
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  • hjk5000hjk5000
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    We started potty training DS a couple weeks ago so that's been my big focus. I had a small bout of nesting just before that but now I'm just back to living in a state of denial.
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  • We were power washing the deck and planting flowers instead of getting ready!

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  • Running to a million different events, planning C's 2nd birthday party and working on our kitchen upgrade!

    May is such a hectic month and literally every Saturday or Sunday has been/is booked.  This past weekend alone we had a 4th birthday party, a wedding, a bridal shower (C is flower girl) and my nephew's Christening.

    On Friday, I skipped out of work early to pick out our granite slabs. Saturday AM I got up early and finished shopping for supplies for C's 2nd birthday party which we are planning for this coming Sunday. Hopefully I'm still pregnant!

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  • Reading books, FB, playing Sims, and watching tv. I'm still in slight denial.
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  • image CTGirl30:
    Sitting on my couch with my feet up Stick out tonguenbsp; I'm kind of limited in what I can be physically doing right now anyway, but I still need to get DH to help me with the rest of our todo list...which is thankfully short now. He's at work and so not much will get done during the days when I'm home.

    This sounds like me. At this point Im just waiting on husband to get home. I might sew a bit but its personal and not at all baby related.
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  • I have been trying ot pack in as much "summer fun" as I can for my 3 and almost 11 year old before I am laid up from the CS.

    However, I am starting to freak out, so we have a "date night" next weekend to paint, put crib together, clean carseat, etc. and hopefully a bite to eat out while the girls see grandma!

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  • KEK1025KEK1025
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    Decorating the playroom.  I guess you could consider that baby related (for down the road) but I am way more focused on all things DS than gettign ready for baby girl.   

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  • Lots and lots of crocheting


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  • Painted living room
    Master bedroom and hallway
    Instead of painting the nursery

    Tearing out kitchen this week
    Can't wait for our new kitchen. But deffinately not the greatest timing
  • dmlk413dmlk413
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    Laying on the couch with my feet up.  They are so swollen!! 

    I do have a long baby related 'to do' list for the week that I really shouldn't procrastinate any longer.

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  • Seeing movies and going out for nice dinners.

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  • Mostly taking naps and making fun of my cat when he gets his head stuck in things. Case in point: 


  • We did a bunch of yardwork Saturday including transplanting all of our veggies, weeding, and pruning. We are also finishing up replacing all the doors, trim, and molding in the house.
  • Watching TV and doing absolutely anything I can to not pack my hospital bag.

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  • CL8badBCL8badB
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    I have a bunch of stuff to do before my baby is discharged but i just cant seem to get it done. Im planning on doing some stuff today.
    I just havent had the time or the energy. Between pumping and hospital visits i hardly have time to do anything. Before i know it its time to pump again!!
  • kgb-13kgb-13
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    Crocheting (although it's baby's blanket) and general housework.  I feel good if throw 1 item into my hospital bag while doing other laundry/picking up.
  • I am such a procrastinator. I wanted to be outside on saturday doing yardwork instead of inside organizing LO's room. All I can think of is fixing the yard. DH needs to build a wall so we can level out an area of our yard so we can put out our table, and maybe have a flat spot for a little pool.

  • We're pretty ready for baby-just need to install carseat really.

    Instead of vacuuming out the car and putting in the carseat base, my husband and I moved my office downstairs. This consisted of painting and flooring the new area and moving all my furniture downstairs. Since my original office area was in a guest room upstairs, we had to clean that out, lay flooring, touch up paint, and move bed back into the room. We bought new bedding and are now on the search for nightstands/dresser/d?cor to complete the room.

     Needless to say, trying to finish projects that COULD be done later.

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  • At least you are doing something! I have no motivation to do anything. I am forcing myself to do a few things here and there to get ready but I am definitely all about making lists and not crossing anything off these days. I'm not even sure what else I'm doing besides being grumpy and trying to rest but never being able to get comfortable.
    I couldn't figure out if I peed myself or my water broke yesterday so that kind of snapped me into at least getting a hospital bag ready. Just pee. Lovely.
    I was so on top of everything last time, what is the matter with me this time? I'm blaming it all on G as he exhausts me!

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  • MissDeiMissDei
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    I've been:

    Playing with my tablet

    Packing to move

    Watching HGTV and catching up on reality shows before we cut off our cable


    Absolutely nothing, depending on the day. 

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  • Selling off CDs and playing on my computer :)
  • Well.. this weekend, I went to the movies and then watched a bunch of Harry Potter on TV.  I should have cleaned out my car and finished getting the baby's room situated and cleaned my house.  Oh well. 
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  • At least you're being productive. I spent most of my freetime watching DH play his new video game over the weekend. I did do some baby blanket crocheting, but that won't really do much good when I need to have a hospital bag packed.

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  • Well, we've been fencing in our back yard, fixing up the garden, planting new bushes, etc. A lot of outside work.

    I'd like to get the deck stained before baby comes, but I'm not sure if that's going to happen. Oh, and we need to finish the bathroom (we have to strip the existing paint off the ceiling and re-paint, finish caulking around the tub, etc).

    It's been so different this time than last time. Well, we have a house now. So there's a never ending list of projects and maintenance. But I just feel more active this time than I did before. With DD I was doing a lot of napping and eating, lol. And I was SO baby-obsessed, and this time I forget that I'm pregnant sometimes. 


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  • Reorganizing DH's closet and dresser drawers.  I'm a little type A, so this is totally soothing to me to be making at least part of the house more organized.  I'm weird, I know.

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  • We cleaned and organized the basement instead of the nursery. I also did some gardening. And watching a ton of tv.

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