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Seperation Anxiety?

I have no idea what happened to my sweet little baby girl who has so easily fallen asleep and completely STTN since 12 weeks.  She's become a bedtime monster for the last 4-5 days.  She is at the tail end of antibiotics for an ear infection so I don't think that's bothering her anymore.  We put her down for the night and she happy, smiling, sucking her fingers because she's sleepy and as soon as we walk out of the room she screams like a banchee.  This went on for 2 hrs the other night.  Last night I sung to her until she fell asleep and literally had to crawl out of her room so she wouldn't see me.  It's pathetic.  Please tell me this is a phase! Nothing has changed.  If it is seperation anxiety what can I do to help her?  She has a woobie blankie she sleeps with, doesn't cry when we leave at daycare.  This only seems to be a night now. THanks :)

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Re: Seperation Anxiety?

  • Same thing happened to us a couple of weeks ago.  I had to break down and sleep train, which is something I promised myself I wouldn't do. Now, we just put him down in his crib when he's tired, he'll go to sleep on his own and sometimes he may cry for about 3-5 minutes and that's it.

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