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Birthday traditions for boys; need ideas

Mobile: birthday traditions for boys; need ideas

For DD, we have a tradition that she gets roses on her birthday. The number of roses she gets goes along with how old she is; for example this year she'll be 5 so she gets 5 roses. My dad did [and still does] this for my sister and I. We got our age in roses until we were 24 and now we get a dozen every year on our birthday.

I'd like to do something similar for DS but I'm stumped at what to do. I need something that will work no matter his age and that's reasonable enough to buy multiples of as he gets older. Any suggestions?

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Re: Birthday traditions for boys; need ideas

  • First off, that is so stinkin cute! Makes me want to do it :)

    Balloons come to mind. I think it would be cool to watch the bundle grow each year. 

    ETA: Chocolate/candy, dollar(s), golf balls, baseballs, coins (chocolate coins or real coins) 

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  • That is so sweet!

    We do balloons for DS1. On his birthday morning, he always wakes up to the number if balloons corresponding to how old he is. Part of the fun for me is sneaking into his room when he's sleeping to tie them to various things. Then when he wakes up I love that he runs into our room in amazement.

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  • Omigosh, how CUTE. I can't even handle it.

    I think balloons would be super cool!


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  • I have no suggestions for a boy but I LOVE your tradition for a girl. So sweet.
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  • That's really cool!  

    One caveat on balloons (besides latex is a huge choking hazard) is that the helium shortage will make them harder to find filled and more expensive.  So, if that bothers you, take that into account.  However, you can still do balloons on sticks to get the look of a helium balloon.  You can also get cheap mylar balloons at the dollar store.  DS pph loves balloons, as do most children, so I can see this being a really fun tradition.

    Our family always just did a dollar a birthday, so $1 for 1, $10 for 10, etc...  I loved it as a kid as it meant that I got more every year!  I remember my grandmother jokingly complaining that her children had become "expensive." 

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  • morkmork
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    My Mom actually did money inside our balloons. It's really easy, you just blow it up a little, curl up the bill and shove it in, and then blow it up the rest of the way.  She did singles when we were younger, then 5s and then 10s while we were in college.  They're fun to see in your room in the morning, and then fun to pop when it's time to get the cash. It's obviously not so safe for the little ones though, so maybe you could do a variation at the beginning, like taping the money to the ribbon. 
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  • I love this roses idea.  I may do that for our DD!

    As for a boy, I like PPs ideas regarding balloons or money.  It is hard to find something that a boy would continue to appreciate from the time they are young to when they are grown.   

  • Honestly, I love the rose idea and don't see any reason not to do that with a boy. Boys like flowers, too!

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