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My LO is 5 wks olds now and I really need to get better at pumping. I have a few issues and thought maybe someone could help.
1. My LO eats all the time....sometimes every hour. I'm afraid that if I pump following a feeding then I won't have any to give her when she is hungry 30 min after I pump. How do you find manage that?
2. I've read abt ppl pumping in car and while doing various things. How can you do that? If I take my hands off then they lose suction and fall.
3. It is very uncomfortable. I have purchased the correct size attachments but still makes me sore. What am I doing wrong?

I have lots of questions.....thank you in advance for your help.
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Re: pumping questions

  • When I first started pumping around 6 weeks, I would pump the opposite side that she ate from after her first morning feed (she typically still only eats off of one breast each feed).  You make more milk in the morning, so give yourself 30 minutes after she eats and pump then.  Your body will still make milk for her!  If it's not her usual amount to eat, she may just need to eat more frequently to catch up.  After a few days, your body should adjust.

    I've never pumped in the car, I feel like I would be too distracted.  You have to get a hands free pump bra - that's how they don't fall off.  I got the simple wishes one off of amazon and love it!

    My nipples were uncomfortable/sore for about the first 2 weeks with pumping.  After that it was fine... It's just something new they have to get used to. 


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    I put a little bit of lanolin on the flange near the area were your nipple goes. Helped me a ton!

    I can't help with your other questions.
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  • I'm mobile bumping, so can't type a lot or make the link clicky, but see this thread. It answers your questions and more.
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  • Your breasts are never "empty" if your LO is eating there will always be milk to get.  Your body is making more all the time especially while LO is eating.  Pump anywhere between 30-60 min after LO eats, you might not get a lot .5-1 oz would be right on track.  The important thing is to stay consistent if you pump about the same time each day your body will adjust and know to make more during that time.  It might take a few days to get there, but your body will adjust.

    Get a hands free pumping bra, a lot of people have the simple wishes one, or you can make it from an old sports bra.  That way you don't have to hold the flanges while you pump.

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  • When I was home on leave, I only pumped first thing in the AM, either right before or right after DD ate, depending on what time she got up. I got a really good freezer stash from doing that. I use a hands-free pumping bra, so you could try that if you have to pump in the car. I like it even for at home because then I can be reading or bumping or doing something else while pumping. I don't have advice on the attachments; I've always just used the ones that came with it. I can say, however, that pumping was much more uncomfortable until my body got used to it. It's a different feel than nursing.
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