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NOT rolling

Anyone else's LO not even interested in rolling? DD is one of the older babies on this board, 16 weeks on Wednesday, and she has shown zero interest or effort in rolling either way. I haven't been concerned, just figured she'd do it sometime, but maybe I'm wrong? Should I be doing something to help her roll? I'll roll her body sometimes to sort of show her, but she still doesn't care lol


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Re: NOT rolling

  • My DD is 16 weeks as of Saturday and has not rolled either. She was 3 weeks early. I would say just this week she has started to teeter back and forth a bit when she is on her tummy, but that's about all.
    We are in PT for torticollis and they don't seem worried so I am not. I will say 2 things they suggested to help her is 1 to put her elbows directly under her shoulders when doing tummy time to help with shoulder strength. The other is to lay them on their back and roll just their legs and bottom towards their belly, and they have to use neck muscles to get the rest of their body around. But really I wouldn't worry about it yet, and maybe just ask your pedi about it at the next visit.
    Is your LO holding their head up well?
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  • Yeah her head has always actually been really strong... Like even in the hospital the nurses commented Haha. Her next visit is in 2 weeks


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  • this is one of those things that babies will do on their own timeline.  I would definitely not worry yet.

    FWIW, Rhys can sit up unassisted for a few seconds at a time, like legit sit up, but he doesn't consistently roll yet.  He's done it a couple of times, but he doesn't do it regularly.  He's just too mellow and he's content however I lay him down ;) 

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    DD isn't rolling yet, either. She will be 13 weeks tomorrow and only once she went from back to almost on her tummy. She holds her head up wonderfully but when lifted by her arms, she has a lot of lag in her neck. 


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  • My son rolled in his sleep last night, but it was really surprising because he shows no interest when awake. We'll see what today brings.

  • DS1 started rolling and crawling pretty close together.  He was over 4 months old before he rolled one way.   DS2 can roll both ways!  It's random and depends on the kid.  Don't worry about milestones/compare unless you pedi becomes worried at checkups.  They do things on their own schedule.



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  • I agree with everyone that its totally random. I'm a FTM but I have one friend who's baby rolled BOTH ways at 8 weeks. She didn't end up walking until well past 1 year. Another friend who baby rolled after 4 months and was walking before a year.
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  • we are 14 weeks and we aren't rolling either.  He would rather just sit there or lay there and laugh
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    Not rolling! I googled and from what I read babies roll at 4-6 months, so I am not worried in the least. If he were to roll now he would be early.
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    He's interested in rolling and will roll halfway and then lose interest. I'm really not worried. He's strong and can pull himself almost to sitting, so overall muscle tone is fine.  Plus he's a big boy, so it's a lot weight to roll! ;)
  • DS is 15 weeks and only rolls by accident. Though lately I can see he is trying to figure it out. He squirms and leans in one directions, then starts to whine in frustration. Some days he can roll no problem and others he just lays there squirming. At least he hold his head pretty well and is pushing off with his feet so I am not too worried. It will come. 
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  • image coffeecream:
    DD will be 13 weeks on Thursday, and she's not the least bit interested in rolling either. Thanks for posting, because I was starting to think she was the only one!

    That's why I posted!  Everyone's talking about their babies rolling, and I'm over here like "mine could care less!"


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  • 13 weeks here and no rolling. He has kind of rolled from belly to back twice while doing tummy time, but I think it was more of a "fall" than a roll. I'm not worried I know babies do everything in their own timeline.
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    We have one that can roll both ways and is now starting to use his rolling abilities to move (he is 17lbs and incredibly strong).  His brother, who is 13lbs and still a little wobbly isn't interested.  He is just now getting up on his side consistently and sometimes will go over but it's momentum not on purpose.    

    I just remind myself while they are the same age, they are two different people.  While J rolls he could care less about the fine motor skills where S is much further along with fine motor skills and behind J on gross motor skills. 

    I wouldn't stress it yet momma.  

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  • My LO is one of the younger ones on the board, but also shows no interest in rolling. He doesn't push himself up by his arms yet, either. *sigh*

    Though, I'm totally OK with the rolling thing. I like not worrying about where I set him down :X 

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  • Three months on Wednesday and not rolling yet either. He rolled tummy to back a few times when he was three weeks old, but not since. He frequently rolls from back to side, but no interest in going all the way over. Thanks for posting this, I was starting to feel that mine was the only one!
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  • 13 week baby here and no rolling yet, just pushing head and chest up when on belly.
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  • Not even a hint of rolling here.

    DD1 was a preemie, but she didn't roll on purpose until she was about 9 months old. She then went from not even rolling to walking in 2 months and was toddling around with no help at a bit over 11 months.

    I am therefore not at all worried that DD2 is showing no interest in rolling. She'll get around to it at some point.

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  • My LO doesn't seem to roll over either even with my help she doesn't want too.
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