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In need of a mommy break

I desperately need a mommy break. I am feeling over loved. L is in ac current phase where she is scared to be alone. Always. I can't put in a load of laundry, put K to bed, put her to bed, with out screaming and panicking.

Meanwhile, my confident little boy, has turned in to a momma's boy lately. We went to a bunch of fun places this weekend, where he normally would run an play. He sat in my lap or had to be carried around, my shirt collar was stretched out for him holding on when I would try to set him down.

I feel like I am giving all I have, to make them feel loved and secure, but mommy needs a break! DH planned to keep the kids a while tomorrow, but his buddy called and needs some serious help tomorrow. I'm really hoping it doesn't interfere with my time!  

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Re: In need of a mommy break

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