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Must have's for travel

We are going away for 4 days and already stressing about what we need to bring.  What are the things that you consider must have's and what can I leave at home?  I'm not asking about the obvious, diapers, clothes, etc., I'm talking more, sterilizer, bottle warmer, etc.

 Any help would be appreciated! :)

Re: Must have's for travel

  • The "extras" we will be taking when we go away are: PnP, Snugabunny, possibly a lightweight stroller if we find one that works and maybe a nice outdoor blanket for her to lie on in the shade.  I think we'll be minimalists. 

    When we go away, we'll have well water, so we will need plenty of bottled water.  That's the only other thing.


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  • mnj05mnj05
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    We like to travel as light as possible so other than the obvious, we take the bouncy seat for sleeping and a play mat for activity. The stroller always goes with us.

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  • Where are you going?

    I'm asking because suggestions I'd have, even as a FTM, are different for domestic than international. Staying with family is different than a hotel, etc.

    (Also, I'm watching this intently, as I'll also be travelling with a 2 or 3month old, and want to sketch out the "must bring" list to add to our usual packing list!)

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  • DJS0312DJS0312
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    We are going to the beach 2-3 hours away.  Staying in a townhouse so will have a fridge, stove, etc.
  • lkm2006lkm2006
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    We are at the beach this week.

    Extras I brought were the bouncy seat [because it gets old not having anywhere to sit the baby] and the bathtub. We are staying for a whole week and while I could have sponge bathed, I'm trying to sit up bath time as part of our night time routine.

    I skipped the stroller and just brought my k'tan.


  • I'd bring either a PNP or RNP for sleeping, bouncer for somewhere to sit baby when you don't want to hold. Stroller. Skip the bottle warmer, you can just use warm water to heat up the bottles. If you're worried about sterilizing, get the microwave bags, they take up no space and u can throw them out when you're done. Baby carrier if you use one.


  • We're traveling in another month with the 3 year old and baby.  We'll be bringing a double stroller, snap and go, and the Beco carrier.  If she's still in the RnP we'll bring that (we might just bring that anyway since it's so light weight).  Aside from that, we're not bringing anything else baby related (aside from necessities- clothes, diapers, etc).  Maaaaybe her bouncer seat for when we're at the hotel and pool. 
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  • Sanitizing wipes, like Wet Ones, and lots of them. Especially if you think you'll be eating out or using any public facilities.
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  • aml519aml519
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    When we traveled a few weeks ago, we took the boppy to prop him up on in the hotel. Hindsight, I wish I'd taken the playmat and bouncy seat to help entertain him.
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  • DJS0312DJS0312
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    Thanks for the input!

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