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Running and EBF?

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After four months of taking it easy after a c section birth, I'm looking to start working on getting my prepregnancy shape back with some running. Not marathons, just two to three miles a couple of days a week. My concern is will it affect milk supply? We EBF and I don't want to do anything that would jeopardize supply. I'm not pumping now, but I will next month after I go back to work. Anyone have any experience adding exercise back into your routine while EBF? Thanks!

Re: Running and EBF?

  • From what I have heard staying hydrated is important. I have also read that as long you are not implementing a drastic weight loss regimen your supply should not be affected. My current regimen is 30 mins boot camp two times a week and a 30 mins Pilates session; I have had no drop in milk production. Enjoy your runs! 
  • Go for it. I got back into running about 4 m post cs with DD and had no problem with supply. I've been running with DS since about 4weeks pp with no issues.

    If you're on Facebook there is a great sub group of Moms Run This Town just for nursing and pregnant mamas.
  • Honestly it depends on your body. Some women can work out and see no change in milk. For me I saw a decrease and had to scale back on my exercise unfortunately. Make sure you drink plenty of water and replace the calories you burn.
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  • The actual research out there indicates that it is rarely a problem (I mean, through most of human history people were a LOT more active than we are now and they still fed their babies) but everyone is different. For me, as long as I drink enough water I don't have any issues and I work out most days.
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