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At what age will it be safe so cosleep in a very cushy pillow top matress? I have a 5 week old and I have been staying on my firm guest bed and I miss my bed. I want to be sure my LO is safe first and foremost
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Re: Pillow top

  • I wouldn't be comfortable with it until about 6 months, when they can sit up, roll over, and are starting to crawl - when they have motor skills down and can "save" themselves from suffocating.  However, we do have a memory foam mattress.  Since he doesn't weigh enough to sink it down at all, I haven't worried.  DS1 slept on it too. Maybe you could go shopping for a suitable mattress topper for your guest bed that is more comfy, but safer?



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  • He was in his RnP next to my bed until he could crawl well. Then he moved into our bed with all it's fluffy-ness
  • How cushy are you talking? If their face can sink into it, I would wait until over a year. If they can turn their race and their nose with both nostrils are visible, it should be ok once they are rolling really well around 4-6 months. This was the advice my son's pedi gave me. We bed share and have a memory foam mattress but it is extremely firm and my sons a belly sleeper. I was really worried about him sleeping on his belly on it, but both his nostrils are clearly visible and he lifts himself up and turns his head like a pro and has started rolling. so while I still worry, I do feel comfortable with him on his belly on it now.
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  • I have a pillow top and don't feel comfortable with bed sharing, so we will continue using the co sleeper as long as possible.
  • I was nervous about the pillow top so I got one of those in the bed cosleepers, when he outgrew that I had him in a bassinet that I took off the base and put in the bed next to me. 
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