Not leaking?

I am 10 days postpartum and my milk has been in for a week now. Prior to giving birth I stocked up on breast pads since everyone told me you leak a lot. So far, not a single leak. Should I just count myself lucky or do you think the leaking is still coming? Or should I be concerned? Is it weird not to leak?

DS is gaining weight great and I can get a decent stream going when I hand expresss, so I don't think it's a supply issue. 

BFP #1 10/6/11 | EDD 6/15/12 | no heartbeat 11/7/11 at 8w3d (baby measuring ~7 weeks)
D&C 11/14/11 - Goodbye, little June Bug

BFP #2 8/22/12 | EDD 5/5/13 | Good betas 8/22 & 8/25 | strong heartbeat 9/17/12 @7w1d
Perfect A/S 12/11/12 @ 19w2d - it's a BOY!

Theodore Claude born 5/9/13. 8 lbs. 4 oz., 20 inches long.

Re: Not leaking?

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