Feeding the boys and trying to save time?

Any hints on how to feed the twins and make some extra time to just sit and enjoy them. Neither boy has latched well yet, so I spend alot of time pumping and then feeding the boys. I feed one boy than the other, which works for the most part, but would like hints on ways to bottle feed them at the same time. Any hints would be helpful. Also any ideas on how to get them to latch would be great. I know I need to factor in the were 3 weeks early, but Getting them to latch would save me some time.

Re: Feeding the boys and trying to save time?

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    Nipple shields have been my savior in latching!  I was having tons of problems and tried the shields when my girls were about 11 days old, and they both latched on right away.  I was able to start tandem feeding, which was great!  We have not yet weaned from the shields (they are 2 months old tomorrow), but I hope to do that at some point. 
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  • Contact a lactation consultant. She can likely help you with getting the boys to latch.

    ETA: One of my boys had a hard time latching, but with patience and persistence, he figured it out. I have been successfully tandem feeding, which saves a ton of time.


  • Nipple shields helped me a ton at first. I cancelled my lactation consultant appointment and ended up not being able to get my boys to bf. I wish we kept the appt and I tried harder but it just wasn't for me. As for feeding at the same time, with bottles I now either put one in the boppy lounger next to me and one in my lap or at night I lay one on a pillow on my left side with his head up by my lap and the other on my lap with his head on the same pillow. Works great and don't have to deal with dragging a boppy into bed.
    For the first month and a half I fed them separately at night and it was exhausting. This saves me so much time!
  • I could have written this post, except that I have a boy and a girl. I have all of your frustrations, but my greatest one is . that I don't get to enjoy them enough. For the rare five minutes between pumping and feedings, all I want to do is catch my breath.

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  • I definitely recommend an LC. She can help you with some tips for latching and fit you with nipple shields if they're appropriate.

    To me, the lack of time to focus on one baby was the hardest thing. I also felt very guilty about it. But looking back I wish I had given myself a break if you're all surviving you're doing great!
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  • Nipple shields, LC visit so she can watch the boys latch. Alsoit DOES get better. They'll be better eaters, you'll have more time I swear. I feed two at a time with rock n plays. Each baby gets a rock n play facing me on the couch. I have a bottle in each hand and feed. I burp one at a time. I've heard people use boppies but my babies squirm out of them too fast. GL
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