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Maybe switching to CD & need help

LO is 11 weeks old and I am considering switching to cloth. I have some fear about the mess and just feeling a little overwhelmed with all the info and options out there. Also, we are going on vacation in July and will be flying then spending a week at the beach. I'm wondering if I should wait to switch when we get back from vacation or switch now and travel with sposies or if travel and beach are feasible with cloth. I would appreciate hearing anyone's experience with this! Thanks :)

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Re: Maybe switching to CD & need help

  • It really seems more overwhelming than it is!! I'm just starting out my DD is 4 weeks old. I would just ease in. We started by using both disposables and cloth. I would just by a few, like maybe 12 and use them both to see how you like it. With me being new to cloth I would personally use disposables during a long vacation but that's just me. I would check out cloth 101 on youtube, the FAQ's on this forum and just searching google. Once you figure out a wash routine it's pretty easy.
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  • Maybe you should look at doing a CD trial. Around 12 lbs a lot of babies can start to wear one-size diapers, so you might have time to do a trial between now and your vacation. We did our trial with Jillian's Drawers and we really liked it because it gave us a chance to try some different kinds of diapers, and you can return whatever diapers don't work for you, which made us really comfortable with doing the trial.

    As for CD on vacation, depends on how long your flight is and whether you have access to W/D once you get there. 

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    As for CD on vacation, depends on how long your flight is and whether you have access to W/D once you get there. 

    DH and I plan to CD, but the CD-while-travelling is one thing we're still hung up on. We know we'll have 2 weeks of vacation with an under 3mo old, and then 2 months with a 7-8mo old, and the latter with around 16 hours of travel (flying India-Canada, and then back). We may be forced to 'sposies simply for the lack of W/D access and length of travel, and then CD when we're settled for the 2 months.  

    ~Living in rural India since 2010.~

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