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Has anyone asked their pedi when it's ok to put LO in a pool? I forgot to ask at his 3
Month checkup so was just curious. He did mention sunscreen was ok even though the bottle says 6 mos.

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  • I'm going on my own instincts. My inlaws have a pool and that's the only pool ill allow him in. I won't be taking him in a hotel pool because the chlorine levels are so high, whereas my inlaws pool is regulated. I bought a long sleeve rash guard and longer shorts, plus a shaded tube. He won't be spending all day in it, but I figure a few minutes won't hurt.
  • LO went in the pool last weekend. We didn't use sunblock (you will want sunblock, not sunscreen), but instead got a 50 spf rash guard type outfit for her and had her wear a hat. We also gave her a shower pretty soon after getting out to get the pool chemicals off her skin.


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  • It's fine, but in my experience usually the water is too cold.  I'll probably just sit with him on the step or lawn chair. My DS1 was 6 mo old the first summer and could float in the baby ring for a small amount of time before shivering.





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  • I plan on taking Luke swimming in our pool once the water warms up it is still pretty cool despite our wicked heat. I got him a long sleeved rash guard, cloth swim diaper and trunks, zinc oxide and a shaded tube. I did read up a lot and most sites recommend starting out taking baby 10 minutes max because they lose heat so fast.
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    Where did you all buy the long sleeved rash gaurds? We're visiting the IL's in june in el paso and they have a pool. Would love to get one of those! Was wondering how I'd get him in the pool with minimal sun touching his skin.
  • I've seen them at Target, Carters and Kohls. I'll be getting one for my son for when we go to Cape Cod in August. He probably won't go in the ocean or lake, but we may bring a small kiddie pool and fill that under a canopy. He won't be in the sun much, but I want him covered when he is.

  • We went to an indoor water park hotel for a couple of days when my daughter was just under 12 weeks and she did great.  The water was nice and warm and she wasn't actually in the water that much but she didn't have any problems with it.  No skin problems or anything. 

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