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What sleep training method did you use?

My DD is 5.5 months old and I'm needing to figure out a good sleep training method.  I've been putting her to bed drowsy but not asleep, but she still struggles when waking in the middle of the night. She needs help falling back asleep on her own--for both of our sakes!

I've heard about Baby Bootcamp and the No Cry Sleep Solution but I don't know which I want to try.  Just curious what methods anyone else has successfully used? (Not interested in having her CIO)

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Re: What sleep training method did you use?

  • I am all for Ferber method personally.
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  • I've never done hardcore sleep training, but have used methods from No Cry Sleep Solution when my kids struggled with their sleep and it works well. I'm not a fan of leaving a baby crying personally, so CIO isn't an option for me.
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  • I'll add that neither of my older two have trouble sleeping now. My middle kid struggled until I used No Cry Nap Solution at 4 months and adapted portions of it as she got older. Now they go down together (they share a room) and we don't hear from them for 12 hours. Occasionally one gets up to go to the bathroom, but they go right back to bed and don't need us. Without any real sleep training they were both fabulous sleepers before they were 1. I'm convinced CIO wouldn't have made them sleep well earlier since between teething, colds and such during the first year there are tons of times sleep is interrupted.
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  • kb&mbkb&mb
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    We just did the Ferber progressive-waiting approach for the last 3 nights (for his MOTN waking). First night he was back asleep after only 38 mins (only 23 mins of crying total); second night took him 1 1/2 hours to get back to sleep (only 30 mins of crying total); last night he slept through the night without waking (8:20 pm to 6:50 am).

    I don't consider it hardcore CIO because I went in for checks after certain intervals and he didn't cry the majority of the time actually. 

  • I don't really like the term sleep training. When DD cries, I respond to her needs. I'll try patting at first. Then if that doesn't work, I snuggle her and feed her. Then put her back down. If she's still upset, I pull her into bed with me. I did read the No Cry Sleep Solution, and I do try to stick to a stable bedtime routine to help her recognize sleep cues.

  • I've had a lot if success with The Sleep Whisperer Solves All Your Problems. We did PU PD with DD and it was great. However, DH had to do it because she expected to be nursed by me. It took 2 nights for her to get it and they weren't that bad.
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  • SagenSagen
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  • It really depends on the baby. Ferber worked great on DS.  It works for DD at night, but not naps so I'm looking into other options.


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  • None. I went to DS when he woke, and usually fed him and rocked him back to sleep. He started STTN at 6 months, on his own.
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  • No sleep training.  When the baby is tired he/she sleeps and if he/she has trouble, I help them fall asleep until they are old enough to fall asleep on their own.  I don't mind doing whatever it takes until they feel comfortable enough to sleep on their own/soothe themselves.  I also have zero interest in CIO.

    Does your LO take a pacifier?  Sometimes when DD wakes up I can give her a pacifier and rub her back for a minute and that does it.

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  • Prayer!!

     and changed the crib sheet to a jersey knit (straight cotton gets too cold)

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