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no sleep but not fussing

no sleep but not fussing during the night

My LO generally wakes up around 1 or 2 am to eat, but then doesn't go back to sleep for 2-3 hours, so he's wide awake until his next feeding. The good news is he isn't crying or fussing, but he just isn't sleepy.  He sleeps in a basinet right next to me, and just lays there kicking his legs, wiggling around, and vocalizing - sometimes he looks at me and seems like he is trying to talk to me which I love for the first little bit until I'm exhausted.  He'll take the pacifier which quiets him, but within a few minutes it falls out. If I nurse him again, he'll sleep for a few minutes, then it starts again.  Sometimes he needs a diaper change, but not always.  After an hour or two, he'll nurse for longer again and then generally go to sleep for another 2-3 hour stretch.

He doesn't like being swaddled or covered with a blanket, when I've tried that, he just kicks and wiggles until his limbs are free, so that doesn't help.

I realize it could be worse, and he could be screaming for these hours, and I love when he has these alert times during the day, but in the middle of the night I really need to get some sleep. 

Anyone else going through this?  LO is 5 weeks old, and this has been going on to varying degrees for at least a week.  Thank god I don't have to go back to work any time soon (teacher off for the summer) so sleep deprivation is annoying but doable.

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