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Attached to cardigan?

Anyone's LO obsessed with a specific piece of clothing?  My DD has this cardigan she constantly wants to carry around.  She asks for it immediately when she wakes up.  She doesn't seem to care about a blanket or anything else, but wants this sweater.  Just seems odd to me so thought I'd ask if anyone else has come across this!

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Re: Attached to cardigan?

  • Asher doesn't have a thing he's attached to, but I think the cardigan is so cute! I wish he did, but I think by now he's not going to. He likes shoes, and they are not snugly! Hopefully it'll hold up well and she can pass it on to her lo someday. I gave my daughter my lumutt dog and she sleeps with him and she's almost 11. It makes me smile. I hope to see him passed on to her first born too:)

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    Ellie and Brooke both have little blankies that they love! 
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  • DS loves his Aden & Anais bamboo swaddling blanket. He has three of them so when one gets dirty I have a back up immediately. He really likes to hold it when he's sleepy, but otherwise he's not walking around with it.
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