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He's never coming out

So tomorrow is DDay and my baby has no desire to come out. I've done everything to convince him to come. Spicy food, sitting on my yoga ball, sex, long walks. I've walked for hours everyday. I've tried bribery by promising this stubborn angel a new car when he's 16. I've threatened to take away cartoons until he's 10. I went to the red neck mall and walked around because I have that kind of luck of where I'd be that person who goes into labor at Bass Pro Shop. When is this going to end? Any other suggestions on how to get him out?

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  • I'm really surprised the red neck mall didn't work.  That usually does the trick!
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    I'm 2 days overdue so I have no suggestions. However, the Bass Pro Shop remark did make me chuckle.

    My DH and I were walking around Walmart last night and I had the same thought, but no luck.

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    I am trying not to walk around too much and trying to keep baby in a few days. I realize I have no real control over it but I'll do my best. I think no matter what we do these babies will come when ready. I hope soon enough your little one is ready to make an appearance.
  • I'm two days overdue and have tried most of the same things as you... It's frustrating, but just keep reminding yourself that he WILL come. The end is near, just not as near as you might like. My OB set my induction for 5/30/13, and though it's ridiculously far away to me, at least I know it's coming. And I can enjoy him all to myself for the next 11 days...
    But good luck. If you figure out any tricks that work, do share!
  • I haven't really tried much but the walking, but other people have suggested to me:  rasberry tea, pineapple and eggplant...not necessarily all together ;)
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    I know how you feel. nbsp;My MW will let me go to June 5th! nbsp;I keep looking at castor oil longingly, but then deciding against it it really isn't safe. I can do it! can't I?

    Definitely agree on the castor oil and other "natural" concoctions that are supposed to induce. I don't want to make myself sick or possibly hurt the baby. Explosive diarrhea doesn't sound like a new symptom I'd like to add to the swollen feet, heartburn, leaky boobs and lightning crotch.
  • Mine doesn't seem to want to ever come out either.  I've given up on the OWT - I tried them all last week and it just made me even crazier. 

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    Well if Bass Pro Shop didn't work then I have no ideas. ;) that made me laugh.

    I'm going full hippie and doing lots of visualization. I'm iimagining my cervix opening and the baby moving down. It doesn't seem to be helping but at least it feels like I'm doing something! 

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  • Ugh, I'm totally there with you. Every morning I wake up still pregnant and I want to die a little. I want to get this baby out. NOW.


    Of course, I've been prepping for a med-free birth center birth, so I'm starting to get really discouraged that he won't come on his own. I really, really, really don't want an induction, and I really, really really don't want to have to transfer care to the hospital for any reason. I will do whatever is necessary for the health of my baby (obviously) but getting to this point and not being able to go into labor naturally is such a dreadful thought to me at this point. :/

     I've tried all the OWT. Pineapple, eggplant parmesan (even the special recipe from Scallini's), walking, bouncing on an exercise ball, sex. I'm taking primrose oil, red raspberry leaf tea, and an herb compound that includes black cohosh (all under my MW's supervision). At my 40 week appointment I was 50% effaced and 0 cm dilated. ZERO CENTIMETERS. 


    It must be mighty comfy in my uterus. 

    He melts me...
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  • I was 40weeks 5 days when my little man came.. most FTMs go to about 41 weeks. Don't worry ladies, your LO's are almost here!!
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    I'm with you. Due dates tomorrow. I'm annoyed because my OB was certain I would go early. She should never have said anything.
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    Glad I'm not the only one miserable. Just sent my husband out for that raspberry tea and pineapple. He's already out getting me "nuclear" wings I love spicy food so I would eat them normally. At 38 weeks I was told I was 2cm dilated and 70 effaced then I went to nasty female doctor and after a way more painful exam she said I was only 1cm. I asked how I could go down and she basically said the other doctor was more generous with his numbers. I was like fantastic I apparently have the Benjamin Button of cervix's. At this rate I'll regain my virginity by Memorial Day.
  •  I was so glad to see this post..I've been avoiding "the bump" because I'm getting discouraged seeing all of the "he's here and she's here" posts! I'm not due till the 29th but I've been 4cm, 75% for over a week and my docs reaction to that really got my hopes up. I'm done walking! I walked all last week and no progress. I would consider stairs though, my water broke with my son after having to walk stairs a bunch at work) Last night we went for the trifecta: nipple stimulation, orgasm and sex (sorry if it's TMI) I ALMOST thought it worked...I had lots of back pain and what I thought were mild contractions but they went away. :( Today I will try pineapple. Good luck ladies, either way the end is near!

  • My guy is never coming out either. My due date was yesterday (I think my ticker may be off) and my first baby came 4 days before his EDD. I'm at least 3cm dilated, more than 50% effaced, and baby has been in perfect position for at least the past 3 weeks.

    I keep having Braxton Hicks that get my hopes up and then no dice. My doula keeps reminding me that those are my body doing work and will make my labor shorter... but my last labor was really quick and I was actually HOPING to labor longer this time.

    It feels better not to be the only impatient one. 

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  • I feel like we are twins. I have been doing all this too and nothing. So frustrating. It's even worse with everyone treating me like I am an atom bomb ready to explode. Obviously this baby is comfortable and not coming out anytime soon. Also not dilated. 

    Love the comfy uterus comment...totally put a smile on my face. 

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