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Traveling question

Hi all, 

I am about to take my 2 year old on a plane ride and I wanted some ideas/advice on keeping occupied. Last time we flew, I was bf so it wasn't an issue since she ate or slept most of the time. I'm trying to pack as lightly as possible but am planning on bringing my iPad with us. We haven't really let her use it much but I'm guessing it may be a god-send once we are in the air. What apps do you like for your 2 year olds? Also any other advice would be appreciated. I'm expecting the worst and just focusing on survival of the 4 hours!  Thanks! 

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Re: Traveling question

  • I gave the kids fruit pouches for takeoff.  Has your LO watched any TV at all?  If so, you may want to upload some favorite episodes.  You always may want to have her use your iPad a few times just to see if it would interest her at all.  Other things I've done was purchase little toys that I slowly introduce throughout the ride.  Just take a trip to the dollar store or dollar bins at Target and have at it!  GL!
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  • All of the "Duck Duck Moose" brand ipad applications are great. Lunch Box and Tozzle are two others good ones.  Crayons and a new coloring book maybe? Also, be sure to bring plenty of snacks.


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    I second the duck duck moose apps and peekaboo apps barn, forest, fridge. Have her play them a bit before so she is interested in them. I bring lots of different snacks. Sticker books, a few of his favorite board books keep my little guy pretty happy and we fly often. I find that new toys don't keep him occupied for long, it is his old favorite toys that keep him interested longer.
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  • I have LO use a straw sippy for take-off and landing.  I usually fill it with juice or chocolate milk (aka Things she is not usually allowed to have).  I also pack snacks and bring books and stuffed animals. 

    We bring the iPad with episodes of Dora or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and she's mesmerized the whole time. 

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  • Duck Duck Moose, Tozzle, Endless Alphabet.

    But the most important thing (we just flew last week and he's also two) is to have something that will compensate for when you have to take away the iPad as they're getting ready to descend. It's about 30 minutes between that and actually getting off the plane. 

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  • I packed little snacks like grapes, goldfish, fruit pouches. I got the crayola wonder magic travel size with the small pad and small markers that fit in a little clip board and a puzzle board that had locks to figure out. I also got a few little dollar store items as a backup. I made sure those things were available for the times when electronics weren't allowed. We took Mickey Mouse Club house and Cars for DS to watch which is what he did most of the time.
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