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Angelcare Monitor

Anyone use an Angelcare Monitor?  We would like to transition LO to her crib next month and I am really nervous about it.  Anyone have experience using one of these?  I know false alarms happen and I'm not sure if it would be worth the freak outs associated with that.

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  • They're great at first. Once the babies started scooting over into the corners though you get more false positives. I threw it on the other night when Ruby's croaky throat was making me nervous. They're great! The AAP doesn't recommend them only because it encourages unsafe sleep practices, supposedly. 
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  • I've used it since I've put him in his crib at 6 weeks old. He is now 7.5 months old and I've never had a false alarm and he scoots all over his crib. I have it more at one end (not the middle) and the other night he was standing on the other side of the crib when I went to get him and it had not gone off. I think maybe because he was bouncing? I don't know. He never really crawled towards the end and stayed there. If he's moving it's because he's awake.

    I like it for the peace of mind. I would recommend it but that's just me!


  • I loved mine. I used it until my DS was almost 2 years old. He has always been a great sleeper and it just provided such peace of mind. We only had a couple false alarms in almost 2 years of using it and it was always b/c he had managed to scoot into a corner of the crib.
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  • We have it and love it too. We haven't had any false alarms, but DS is still sleeping in his pack n play. The only issue we occasionally have is forgetting to turn if off when we take him out of his pack n play and it goes off. But, that's total operator error. Stick out tongue

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  • We love it.  I haven't had any false alarms but make sure to get a board to put it on.  I love having the extra assurance.

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  • I couldn't have lived without ours.  The only false alarms we had were when LO turned around 8 months and would just scoot herself all the way to the corner of her crib. 

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    We have one and love it. We still use it (Pip just turned 17 mos) - but will probably unplug soon. It has given me a tremendous amount of peace of mind. We've had a couple of false alarms - but not many. We also had many true alarms - mostly around 6 wks - 6 mos - which made me extremely grateful that we have the system. Pip has always been a big mover, so DH bough the one with the two sensors and I think it's one of the best purchases we ever made. GL!

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    I couldn't have lived without ours.  The only false alarms we had were when LO turned around 8 months and would just scoot herself all the way to the corner of her crib. 


    This. We are still using it at 12 months.  It definitely helped me sleep easier when we transitioned into the crib. 



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