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Did you guys change something with your diapers?

Since my son was born we have sworn by Pampers. This last month he has started to get some pretty serious diaper rash. I ordered some Honest Company diapers and it cleared right up put the Pampers back on him and it came back. I'm really confused since he has been in Pampers for almost 11 months
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Re: Did you guys change something with your diapers?

  • I'm sorry to hear about your baby boy and hope he's feeling better!  I'm not sure from your message which version you've been using but it might be helpful to know we've not had any changes to absorbent gel material or backsheet, etc.  Your comments are very important and we do take them serious.  Please give us a ring so we can learn more and further help you 877-256-3265.  -HeatherAtPampers
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