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Econobum cloth diaper set, yay or nay?

I'm going to be a second time mother come October and have started looking into cloth diapers. Probably seems early but since its a big initial investment ie decided to start my homework.
I came across what seems like a very economical diaper set at 49.99 and it includes 12 one size prefolds and 3 one size covers.
I'm sure that's nowhere near enough to start but I'm hoping for your opinions if you've tried them or a suggestion for an easy and/or economical set.

Thank you in advance, I will now go back to lurking.

Re: Econobum cloth diaper set, yay or nay?

  • I only have one econobum cover and its worked great!
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  • The covers are fine.  I would not recommend the prefolds simply because of the awkward shape and size.  They are waaay to bulky for newborn and even now at a chunky 9 months I don't really like the way they fit on my baby. 


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  • I was gifted that at my shower and was very excited to use them.  The prefolds are very soft!  However, I just started using the covers now at 4 months.  The covers are nice, but not my favorites (probably b/c they are still a bit big).  The prefolds are still huge on my 15.5lb boy.  They would probably work if I trifolded them, but I prefer the jelly roll fold for my EBF baby and they are too bulky that way.  Right now I am using the prefolds as changing pads around the house. I don't see how they could work from birth unless you had a very big baby and trifolded them.  Probably fine for use on an older baby though.

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  • A friend of mine uses them exclusively and loves them. Can't beat the price. She said it takes a while for it to fit.. I won't be using them but if you're on a budget I think it's a good deal.
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  • We got the Econobums trial kit (1 cover + 3 prefolds for $11 or 12) and I like it. I use the trifold and works well for us. It's a generally good deal but a couple of things if you haven't CDed before. 

    1) You can also get prefolds and covers from Kawaii for an even cheaper deal. They have a package of 6 covers + 2 dozen prefolds for $50. Their prefolds are bigger.  

    2) While prefolds are great for many reasons, some people find that wet cotton against baby's skin causes rash problems. Others don't obviously, but I share that just to flag that you don't know what kind of skin issues your LO might have, so maybe get just 1 box of the Econobum kit and order more if it works out well for you. 

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  • Since you have time until LO is here, it might be worthwhile to stalk craigslist, and used CD sites ( and Spot's corner on Hyena cart) for deals. You can find some pretty great deals, and if you break up the investment over the pregnancy, the cost is easier to absorb.

    As for econobums--I've never used them. We are a prefold family, though. We use GMD prefolds (which have "seconds" sales regularly), which I love. Sized prefolds really help reduce the bulk. However, if you are on a tight budget, you could get by with 2-3 dozen yellow edge (small) prefolds. They fit a newborn (bulky, but it'll work), and before we PT'd DS 2 weeks ago, he was using them trifolded in a cover with no problem. 

    Our PF stash consists of: 3 doz. orange edge, 3 doz yellow edge, 1 doz. red edge, 1 doz brown edge (at current prices, that costs $295; they're all organic cotton). We mainly use flip covers. 6 would do it (which runs about $90). So, in total, this stash, which would cover birth to PT would run about $385. I'll also add that we're CDing our second baby with the same stash. My thought is that while getting the more "cushy" diapers costs more initially, they'll fit better (under jeans!), and are cuter (flip covers have such nice prints!). Anyways, this post is way long winded. I hope that helps (even though I didn't answer your question!)


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  • haileyqhaileyq
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    I have the cover and like it on my 16# 11 week old. I haven't tried the prefolds so I can't speak to that, but I do like the cover. I imagine for a NB it would be too big. The cover works well and I've not had any leaks, but it is very bulky. I use Blueberry Bamboo prefolds in it successfully.
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  • ohlordyohlordy
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    I bought 3 sets around Black Friday last year all for around $130, giving me 36 prefolds, 9 covers, and 3 small wet bags. I love them and they work great for us. DD took a while to grow into the prefolds, but we just folded them so they would fit her. 

    I wasn't able to use the one-size covers until she hit about 9lbs, so I bought 3 Thirsties Size One covers and those were perfect. Now, i use all the covers including the thirsties. 

    I definitely fall in the minority when it comes to CDing because that is my entire stash. It works for us! I would recommend them to anyone. They're easy to prep, easy to wash, and easy to fold. 

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