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advise needed

My LO will be 5 wks on Mon. The last week or two she has gotten so she doesn't want to be put down. She will fall asleep on men I no sooner put her down and she wakes up crying. I've tried to let her cry for an few min to see if she will stop....she doesn't. As soon as I pick her up she will stop and fall back to sleep. This really limits what I can do. I've tried a ski g and she doesn't like it. Any advise?
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Re: advise needed

  • do you have a swing or a bouncy chair with a vibrate feature?  You could try swaddling her, and holding her until she's asleep and then transfer her to one of those to mimic the motion she feels when you're holding her.  Good luck!
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  • My LO likes it if I lay a hand on chest or belly her as I set her down. Sometimes I will gently pat her. Sometimes I will "shhhh" her as well. Sometimes I will turn on the vibration on the bouncy seat. It helps her transition from being held to put down. 

    You can also try babywearing to get stuff done while holding LO. If you've unsuccessfully tried one carrier, maybe try a few more. Many baby stores let you test out their carriers to find the right one for you and LO. (I know BRU does, and a local crunchy mom shop here) Plenty of options: moby wrap, ring sling, ergo, bego, etc 

    But really, wanting to be held constantly is a phase many many babies go through. You are all LO knows. I know it can be frustrating, but housework and stuff can wait.

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    We have both a swing bouncer....they have same reaction. She wakes up. She HATES to be swaddled....always has even in hospital. The nurses told me that some babies just don't like it.
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    LO is 5 wks. hes been more clingy lately too. He ws taking maybe 1 to 2 short naps a day, down from napping every two hours. Someone suggested that i may be missing his sleep cues. today ive really been listening to the difference in his cries ...dunston baby language... and realized his Owh cry for tired sounds more like Wah vs Neh foe hungry. hes gotton in three short maps already today! i think before he was just over tired since missed his cues and therefore had a hard time falling saleep.
    Eta. sometimes it takes 2 to 3 tries and a mini feed to get him to fall asleep. he fights it so bad.

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  • image leasaj:
    We have both a swing bouncer....they have same reaction. She wakes up. She HATES to be swaddled....always has even in hospital. The nurses told me that some babies just don't like it.

    Have you tried different types of swaddles, or different blankets.. Like muslin vs. Halo swaddle blanket? Sometimes the swaddle has to be "just right". What about a soother? Sound machine like the sleep sheep?
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  • My pediatrician recommended always putting our baby down in his crib or cradle to sleep with his eyes open so he'll know that it's ok to fall asleep in the crib or cradle. The pediatrician explained that infants have the ability to drift in and out of sleep easily and recommended we start doing this from the time we were in the hospital.

    We use soothing techniques to quiet him in the cradle, such as a sound machine, swaddling, pacifier, shushing, and gentle jigging. With any combo of these, he's usually asleep within 10 minutes.

    My husband and I read happiest baby on the block and I highly recommend the calming techniques Dr. Karp describes in his book. There is also a DVD version available for download on iTunes. Good luck!
  • Our LO is 6 weeks old and we had the same problem until we discovered "nature sounds" on YouTube. Now, when we're ready to put him down, we play some light rain or ocean noises on the iPad and put it next to his bassinet. It works like a charm and we can actually get things done around the house while he sleeps. There are a bunch of nature sounds to choose from, just find which one works best for your LO and that's that.
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