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I've heard so many different ages of when LO can start going in the pool and I'm just wondering if anyone will be taking them in this summer?  It gets up in the high 90's to mid 100's here and if you want to do anything at all outside it has to be at the pool. LO will be 3months June 1 and I think we will be taking him in for quick dips this summer.  I figure as long as he isn't in there too long, we have him shaded and covered from the sun, and we bathe him right after it should be fine!  I just don't want to have to spend all summer in doors!  Anyone else?
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Re: Swimming..

  • I think for a chlorinated pool... Its 6 months. I do plan to go to the pool though with both kids. It is hard to find swim diapers that fit small babies... They make nondisposable swim diapers though.. I bought one from target that I use when I take DS2 in the bath tub with me.
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  • Target has some reusable swim diapers that fit well, the smallest size is 6 months but its 10-18lbs
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  • Bummer, I just bought my Lo a swimsuit. I didn't know there was an age for pools!
  • 6 months is for most everything, we have a salt water pool here, and I was wondering the exact same thing.
  • We will definitely take DD in our pool this summer even though it's early.  She will get wiped down or bathed after.  That's what we always did with DS.  We don't have central air, so on super hot/humid days, the pool is our relief!
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  • I plan to take LO to mom and tot swimming lessons at our local outdoor pool this summer. The lessons take place in the morning so the sun won't be too strong then. I plan to have LO in a rash guard with a reusable swimming diaper layered over a disposable swimming diaper.

    I've never heard that babies shouldn't be in swimming pools before 6 months. LO will be 4 months when lessons start. I think we'll still do them.
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    We asked our Pedi at our 2 month appr and she said lo can go anytime now as long as we keep her covered and out of the sun. She also said if we take her to an indoor pool it is more likely she will catch an upper respiratory infection.
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    With ds 1 I think he was 4 months but that's just because the weather was finally nice. Ds2 is going to be 3 months June 4 so we will probably take him in just to test it out. Our in laws have a salt water pool. Just short exposures should be fine
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  • Tadpole swim classes at our rec center by our house starts at 6 months. 
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    I had no idea babies couldn't swim. Is it because of the chlorine? We have a trip to Disney world planned at 4 months so I hope it's okay because it will be hot in august.
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