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What brands of diapers do you like and what do you like/dislike about them? Any brands that are totally awful?

Re: diapers

  • My favorite are Targets Up and Up. They are so much cheaper compared to Pampers or Huggies. Luvs irritate my LOs skin. I am happy with how they absorb and they have a cute pattern too, which is a plus lol.
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  • I like Huggies diapers, Pampers wipes. Pampers diapers kept leaking and even after pee'd in once that absorbent gel bead crap got everywhere. I haven't had an issue with the huggies yet.
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  • IdaniIdani
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    With my first son we could only use Huggies Little Movers. Everything else leaked.  This time we are lucky and Luvs work wonderful! I feel like I hit the jackpot since they are very cheap.  I suggest trying a couple small packs of different brands to see what works best for your LO.  My friend loves the Sams Club Brand for her daughter but they didn't work for us. 

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  • I like both pampers and huggies.  I've noticed the pampers to be a little bigger compared to Huggies, but we haven't had any leak issues yet! I like pampers sensitive wipes best.  They are fragrance free and don't irritate babies skin like some of the Huggies wipes did. 
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  • I've been using Luvs and have been very happy with them. They are thinner and more affordable than Pampers, which we were using initially. I liked Pampers Swaddlers because of the wetness indicator, but I don't find that necessary now. As long as you put them on right, I've had no problem with Luvs leaking. They do have a baby powder smell to them, which bothers some people, but I have no problem with that.
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  • Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive diapers and Babyganics wipes. Tried several of the allnatural and Ecofriendly diapers but they just weren't absorbent enough. Hated the Huggies wipes and the Pampers wipestoo small and flimsy, smelled chemical.
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  • We used Pampers Swaddlers newborns with DS for weeks, and once we figured out to really fluff out the ruffles around his legs, they worked great. Now he is kind of between newborn and size 1. The size 1 Pampers are too big still and we have leaks galore. We have started using Huggies because their size 1 seems a little smaller, but I have noticed that we have more leaks and blow-outs with those, so I would say that Pampers works overall for our LO the best. We haven't tried any other brands. We have TONS of Pampers and Huggies from our baby showers.


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  • jglenn4jglenn4
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    I use both Pampers Swaddlers and Huggies Little Snugglers.  I tried both to see if I have a preference, but I don't.  I do, however, prefer Huggies and Kirkland (Costco) wipes to Pampers.
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    it really will depend on your kid and their particular anatomy. for my son pampers leaked and huggies worked great. for my dd's, huggies leak a bit, but pampers work great. i also just tried target up and up brand and they work wonderfully on my dd's. so all my future diaper purchases will probably be those. so much cheaper, and with twins i need to save as much money aspossible. i'd switch ds too, but he's getting potty trained next week. wish me luck!

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  • We use (prefold) cloth diapers. We used them for DS and now we're using them for DD, so it was definitely a worthwhile investment (I'd say we spent about $300 on diapers). When we must use disposables (teething rash, for example), we use huggies pure and natural or seventh generation.
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  • Pampers Swaddlers.  LOVE them.  We've tried Luvs and Huggies.  The Luvs were ok and if we needed them as a back up I'd use them again.  We only had a couple blow outs.  With the Huggies we had several blow outs and leaks and I never felt completely confident with the Huggies.

    I do like the Huggies wipes best, but like the smell of the Pampers in baby fresh.

  • E leaked in Pampers.

    He did the best in Huggies Little Snugglers and Little Movers.


    We started with Pampers Sensitive wipes, and now use the target brand sensitive wipes.

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  • I happen to find that Huggies run bigger in size than Pampers. We have received a lot of both as gifts and from friends who had leftovers so we've used both but we prefer Huggies and buy that brand when we run out. I like how they feel...soft and more cloth like and less plasticky than Pampers. I like the tab closures and designs better too...not that it REALLY matters.

    We also use Huggies Natural Care wipes. They are the only wipes we've tried and we really like them. DH bought Pampers Baby Fresh wipes a while back but we haven't used them because they're so perfumey.
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  • jannv11jannv11
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    I like the Target brand.  They work well with DD and did with DS too.  I don't like the smell of Luvs but they work ok also. 
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  • haileyqhaileyq
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    CLOTH! Cleared up DS's wetness rash in no time. I've never looked back. And, I love that I can use them down the road for baby #2.
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  • We use cloth diapers and wipes here too.  So far,  all poop explosions have stayed in the diaper and the only pee leaks have been from the daycare staff learning to use them at 6-7 weeks old.

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