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First time mom question!

Hey everyone! This is a little long, but here is my story...
I am a first time mom to a sweet baby boy. He is 8 weeks old and I have been breastfeeding and also pumping at times. I have never had an issue with my supply. Two weeks ago, I started taking birth control. I began to notice that he would nurse and "empty me" faster but thought it may be due to him developing a stronger suck. I pumped the other night and realized my supply has gone way down. I immediately stopped taking the birth control and called a lactation nurse. The nurse told me to have a "nursing marathon" this weekend to try and build my supply back up. On top of this, I started my period for the first time pp the day after I stopped BC. I'm scared this will also make my supply go down or stop.

How long can you typically breastfeed after starting your period? Do you think my period will be regular or will it go away if my milk supply increases?

These crazy hormones are making me worry and stress about this :

Any help is greatly appreciated!!

Re: First time mom question!

  • I didn't start my period til after I stopped breastfeeding and pumping last time... I hadn't started birth control til I was almost done BF....close to a year. I didn't notice a change in my supply. This time I started the mini pill at 6Weeks PP, i'm now 8 Weeks PP and haven't noticed a change.
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  • A drop in supply could be due to bc or it could be your supply regulating.  I believe your supply takes about 3 months to regulate.  I noticed a slight drop around the 8 week mark, and was starting to produce just enough for DS.  This was before I got Mirena.  I got a Mirena induced period, and I did not notice a change in supply. 

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  • My dr said my supply may go down a little during my period. I EP and can't pump much at work during the week so on the weekends I do what I call power pump. Every 2.5 hours I pump and it brings my supply back up. It doesn't dip much during the week
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  • My suppy went down after i started bc but went back up when i added pumping sessions. I also have had 2 periods. My dr said some women have normal periods even if ebfing.
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