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#2! Double stroller?

We'll be having our 2nd around the end of June. Our boy is 26 months old & doesn't use the stroller much now. Do we need a double stroller/sit & stand to accomodate them both? What ones have you used & liked?

Re: #2! Double stroller?

  • I like having the option of strapping my son into a stroller, so I really like having a sit n stand. We have the joovy ultralight caboose. It is lightweight and easy to use.
  • I liked the option for the older child to be contained. I loathed having to chase down a runner when the baby needed something as well. Or if both were tired. I can carry two kids, but not while pushing a stroller. It was less complicated to contain a toddler and push a stroller. We had a Phil and Ted's Sport.

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  • tracy41tracy41
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    I bought 2 doubles. Well, 3 if you count my jogging stroller. The Chicco one so I could use it with my Keyfit while LO was under 3 months. I like that one because the front seat is open and my 33 month old jumps in and out easily. And I can strap him down on his wild days. And once LO is 6 months we'll switch over to the Kinderwagon which is smaller. I just wasn't in to the Sit n Stand. On the short trips DS walks and I use one of my single strollers.
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  • DD was 19 months when DS arrived. We didn't get a double, I got a new single that was easier to handle than the one we had (City mini GT). DD goes in the stroller and DS is worn. BUT DD hardly ever went in the stroller and was worn until DS was born.
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  • image orangecurls:
    I like having the option of strapping my son into a stroller, so I really like having a sit n stand. We have the joovy ultralight caboose. It is lightweight and easy to use.

    We have the same stroller and love it.
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  • The Sit and Stands that I've used from other people have been a pain to steer.  We have the Britax B-Ready and purchased a universal adapter in order to still use our Graco infant seat.  I never liked the tandem and side-by-side so this was perfect.  It steers awesome, has great sun coverage, reclines really far back, large basket, and you have the option to place the infant seat on the top or bottom seat.  DD was 2 when DS came along and she loved riding in the stroller.  If you're interested, there are always promos on various sites where if you buy the B-Ready you can get the 2nd seat for free.
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  • crusty1crusty1 member

    Our sons are the same age apart as your kids. DS1 is now 2.5 years, and DS2 is 3 months old. We bought a Baby Jogger City Select. It is similar to the Britax B-Ready that a PP talked about. We preferred the City Select because it has tires that are bigger and have more grip to conquer different terrain. I wasn't a fan of the tires on the Britax. We bought the universal car seat adapter for the stroller as well.

    City Select is great because you can switch the kids around in a bunch of different configurations.Also comes apart and folds up fairly compactly for travel. And nice large canopies for shade. We actually had 3 strollers for DS1: A fold n go for his car seat when he was an infant; A $40 lightweight stroller for the mall; and a Quinny Buzz for the ridiculous amount of walking I did with him. I used it daily to walk every where because we only had one vehicle. We sold all 3 strollers and used the money to go towards the City Select. Honestly, I wish we had the foresight to invest in the City Select first!

    My only complaint is that with both of them in seats, you can't have one laying down (infant) facing you with the other one sitting up (toddler) facing forward. The seats just don't fit together that well. Oh, and yesterday DS1 was kicking the back of the seat of DS2. So I think I am going to put DS2 back in the car seat adaptor until he's big enough to be in the stroller sitting up and we don't have to worry about his big brother being a jerk. lol

    But yeah, if you do a great deal of walking, then invest in a great stroller. If you just need it for trips to the mall, get a sit & stand.

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  • ajetterajetter
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    We also got a city select. DD1 can be a runner, so I like being able to strap her in if I need to.
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