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Clingy 2 year old sibling

We're at 34 weeks & all he wants now is Mama, Mama, Mama. He likes babies until I try to hold them...could be an interesting (difficult!) transition. Any ideas or suggestions to help ease him into being a big brother?

Re: Clingy 2 year old sibling

  • I'm going through the same thing, and I actually think it's b/c they know a baby (or at least a change) is coming.  It's common for big siblings to go through all sorts of regressions when the baby gets here, such as sleep regressions, wanting a binky, wanting to be in crib after being in big kid bed, and wanting to be rocked to sleep.  I hear that if you go with it, they get over the regression faster. 

    It's hard to know what to do to ease the transition.  My son also loves babies, but if I even hold a baby doll he usually gets upset and will grab it out of my arms and throws it on the floor!

    Do you have help for the first few weeks after baby arrives?

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  • bakerlmbakerlm
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    Lots of exposure to babies and baby things.  I always have held other babies so ds couldn't care less if I'm holding one.  As he has gotten older, I try to have him participate in some way like helping hold the bottle, getting out a new diaper, or picking up the pacifiers.  He really enjoys sitting with me and holding a baby.  At home, I'm having ds help prepare.  He helped get out the clothes, pull out toys, and has even been to a few appointments because he wanted to hear the heartbeat.  We make it clear how both him and his sibling will be loved.  Because of these things, he is really excited and asks almost daily if today is the day baby is coming.

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  • My DS1 is a total mommas boy and I love it! he goes through phases where he's really clingy.. And I just make sure he spends time with his daddy and other people, and I distract him with activies and other things so he doesn't think I will just hold him all the time. Seems to have worked for us!

    As far as new baby coming, I have read and heard from others over and over again to keep your oldest child super involved with the baby so they feel like they are helping at all times. Ask them to get a new diaper or burp cloth or wipes for baby, and when they are doing something praise them to the baby aka "baby, look at your big brother or sister! He is so big he can jump all on his own! He or she will have to teach you how to jump when you are big!" Etc there are also big brother or sister books you can buy

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  • jlpevjlpev
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    My son is 2 also and become extremely clingy once I've gotten bigger. He goes to every appointment but he still acts like he isn't getting a baby sister. You ask him if he's getting a baby and he says no! He does like her room and tries to sit in the bumbo or swing, thanks to papa letting him. I know he's gonna have a hard time adjusting but thankfully dh is staying home for 2 weeks after DD is born. DS will also be starting swimming lessons a month after DD is born. I keep telling him that he's my big boy. Good luck!!!
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  • just give him extra hugs and kisses my 2 1/2 year old is getting really clingy now that my stomach is bigger he senses the change , and he sees the baby's stuff once baby is here it will hopefully be easier
  • Liz4444Liz4444
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    We are going through this as well. Li refuses to even sit in a high chair, she will only eat in my lap.
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  • image Liz4444:
    We are going through this as well. Li refuses to even sit in a high chair, she will only eat in my lap.
    Oh my gosh.. We are having this problem also. I didn't even correlate it with possibly being related to the new baby. It's really difficult to eat with a huge third trimester belly and a baby sitting on your non existent lap. DD wants to be on TOP of me at all possible times, and being hot and uncomfortable being smothered is the last thing I want, as much as I love her dearly. Sorry, no help here.
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