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Painful sex

I am hoping to get some advice from you ladies. My DD is 2 months old and I still haven't been able to have sex. When we try I have a sharp, piercing pain. I had a second degree tear and the pain kinda feels like something is tearing where the top of the stitches were. The most recent time we tried I had a tiny amount of blood afterwards. Does this sound like normal postpartum pain? Should i just try and push through it? I plan on calling the doctor on Monday, but wanted to hear from some of you ladies.

Re: Painful sex

  • Same here. We tried one and I made him stop it hurt so bad. I have not attempted again yet
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  • It still hurts for me too 2 months pp. I had an episiotomy. I just pushed through. We use condoms and lube. It's a little overkill but it helps. After the first minute or so it gets better. But I never bled so I would definitely talk to your dr.
  • I had a c section almost 11 weeks ago and it's the same for me. We haven't tried much because I usually tell H to stop. Haven't been successful yet unfortunately
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    I was expecting it to be painful, just not this kind of pain. My Dr kept talking about being sore. I definitely wouldn't describe the pain I'm having as being sore! It feels kinda like she sewed me up too far.
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    all VERY normal. with DD#1 i think it took about 9 months till i felt normal again. i did have a almost 4th degree tear. hang in there and use lots of lube and take it slow.
    Look out baby #3 is on his/her way!
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  • Yup, the first few times feels like its all ripping open, even though its not. We've done it once so far, I could not handle a few minutes and I was barely moving and we just stopped lol poor DH. Lots and lots and lots of lube is key. I'm hoping the 2nd time is better but I bet it won't be. Just gotta push through.
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  • Yeah, it feels like a pinching pain where I had my second degree tear. It's slowly getting better though.
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  • We've done it twice since I got the green light from the doc. Its pretty uncomfortable. I had a third degree tear and things definitely feel tight and its not at all pleasurable. Last time I did have some spotting afterwards. I really hope that things become more enjoyable soon!
  • With DD1 I tore pretty bad and had it hurt to have sex probably the first ten times or so. Use lots of lube and lots foreplay.
  • Honestly we haven't even tried yet and DD is nine weeks. Toddler keeps climbing in our bed since her sister was born. I'd like to but hard with two little ones that both wake up at night...and we're just exhausted.
    I do remember feeling with first DD like that doctor stitched me too far. It was uncomfortable for some time. No stitches this time so hopefully not so bad.
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