EPers with an oversupply

Hi everyone! I mostly lurk but post occasionally but appreciate Ll the great conversation on this board. I am EPing for DS who is one month old. I also EPed for DD for one year she is now 2.5,years old. I started pumping 8 times per day at one week and am now down to 6 because I am pumping twice asynchronous as he needs. He drinks about 25 oz a day and I easily freeze 20 to 30 oz a day. I would like to go down to 5 pumps per day but I am afraid that long term pumping will suffer. I posted about this a few days ago when I went down to 6 but am afraid the less I pump now the sooner my supply will drop for later. I would like to EP for at least 6 months and possibly the full first year again. I had a lot of milk with DD and was down to 4 ppd by 12 weeks but I feel like this sooner than with her. Thanks!


Re: EPers with an oversupply

  • You can always add a pump session back in if you need to in the future.  Your supply will increase again if you do so.
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  • I could have written this post! I EPed for my daughter for a full 8 months and am now EPing for my DS who just turned 3 months today. I was doing 8 pumps a day up until recently, but have dropped to 7 a day more due to time limitations. I easily get more than double what he uses (he eats between 22 and 27 oz a day [he fluctuates throughout the week...the week before last he gained 7 ozs, this past week he only gained 3 ozs] so I end up freezing 20-30 ozs a day and have ended up making 3 HUGE donations to a few local gals in need of BM). I have been seeing a lactation consultant who has said not to even think about dropping pumps until 3+ months PP as dropping them too soon can hamper supply months later. I stupidly started dropping pumps with my DD really early on and my supply disappeared at 8 months. My goal is the same as yours though...pump 6 months minimum, possibly the full year or at least until I have enough of a stash to make it a full year.

    So, my advice is the hang in there until 3 months before you drop pumps. Then, do it carefully. Don't drop more than 1 pump a month and look out for clogged ducts and mastitis which can be an issue with milk being in the ducts for longer periods when you drop a pump.  

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  • I always use caution. Lo is 7 months and I am pumping 5x a day. I have about 1300oz in the freezer. I'm waiting until lo is 8 months to drop down to 4x. My goal is to wean from the pump at 12 or 13 months and use the frozen to extend the breastmilk benefits and to transition to wcm.
  • I have been eping since day one and ds is now 8.5 months old. I have been doing 4 pumps since about 7.5 months.
    I do produce a out double of what he needs still, which I then give to my toddler and freeze at even parts.

    I did not drop any pumps before 3 months though. After that I dropped at about one per month and did not lose supply at all until now, where we lose out on about 6 oz a day. Having an oversupply, that is ok with me though.

    Hope that helps.
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