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DH makes me laugh TL DR!

Tonight, DH and I were talking about buying a double stroller new, since we haven't had luck with craigslist or garage sales finding models that will fit in my car. He gets a funny look on his face.

Me: what? H: Nothing. You'll make fun of me.

H: Do we still have the snap n' go? Me: yep.

H: Couldn't we just somehow attach it to the single stroller we have? Me: What,  with bungee cords or something?

H: Yea. Me: Uhhh. I dunno how easy it would be to load & unload two stroller frames and reconfigure the strollers together every single time I want to use them, while dealing with a toddler and a baby at the same time.

H: I suppose it would be hard to align the tires. I guess you can go ahead and order a new one. Me: Ok.

Really, he's not as tightwad as he sounds! I'm just trying to imagine the looks of pity (or admiration) from other parents at the park with my gerry-rigged bungee-corded strollers. This may not be the end of this story...once he gets an idea like this, sometimes he's determined to execute it!



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