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5 Weeks and trouble eating....

I am five weeks pregnant and i have had the worst nausea. I have been pregnant twice before( although i miscarried) and the nausea was never this bad. The thought of food or smell of it makes me dry heave. I need to find a way to make food more appetizing so i can eat for me and the baby without the nausea aftermath.

Re: 5 Weeks and trouble eating....

  • I was he same way.  I lived on bland soups and baked potatos.  I actually had to made my own "chicken" noodle soup....I made it with chicken broth, lots of carrots, onion and celery, I had to leave the chicken out because the thought of it made me sick,  Just make sure you're drinking lots of water. 

  • You can buy ginger tea at Cotton Baby or you can buy a ginger root supplement over the counter anywhere. You could also ask your doc for zolphran. It is an anti nausea. It works pretty well.
  • I'm in the start of my five week mark and woke up fine but developed nausea after putting on my perfume on today . I was hoping I'd by pass the whole nausea thing O.o I feel for ya!
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