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Please Read - Has this happened to anyone?

I am completely at a loss for understanding what is going on with my body right now.  I'm just hoping someone here has had a similar experience and can give me some insight.

I have been running a fever for about 8-10 days.  I'm not sure how long, because at first, I chalked the body aches up to overdoing it during the day, and the night sweats I thought were just hormones.  Finally, I checked my temperature Monday night and I had a fever of almost 102. I called my CNM the next morning and they saw me immediately. No explanation for why I would be so sick.  My tear is healing well, I don't have any discharge that would indicate an infection. She started me on Keflex every 6 hours. It wasn't bringing my fever down at all.  It fluctuates, but had been as high as 102.7.  The plan was to give it some time to work, and if the fever wasn't coming down, to go to the ER.

I finally went to the ER today. They did bloodwork, a pelvic exam and swabs to check for endometritis. The doctor said everything in there looked normal. My urine came back normal, I don't have a UTI. They ruled out pneumonia, DVT, and a whole list of other things I don't even remember. Finally, they took blood cultures, which will take 3 days to come back.  In the ER, my temp spiked to 103.2 and I was starting to act loopy. They gave me a dose of Tylenol, and sent me home.  They aren't expecting the blood cultures to show anything, and he basically told me to go home and ride it out.

Meanwhile, my husband is doing 95% of the cooking, cleaning (which is MINIMAL right now), and taking care of our baby 24 hours. I am breastfeeding, exclusively pumping.  At the start of all this, I was pumping 4 ounces every 4 hours. Now, I'm lucky to pump 1 ounce. I was several ounces ahead of her with breast milk in the refrigerator. I have enough breast milk left for one bottle, and then I'm going to have to start giving her formula. I can barely get off the couch to shower, much less anything else. My whole body hurts from the fever.  DH is at his wits end, though he tries not to show it.

Has anyone else had this happen to them? What could be making my body do this?   I'm really scared that something bad is happening and they're not catching it.

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Re: Please Read - Has this happened to anyone?

  • Mastitis? I'm sorry you're feeling so crappy. Hope they figure it out and you're on the road to recovery quick!


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    I haven't had any experience with this, but I'm so sorry that you are going through this.  How scary!  I hope that they figure out what's going on soon, and you are on the mend!  Good Luck!
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    Mastitis? I'm sorry you're feeling so crappy. Hope they figure it out and you're on the road to recovery quick!
    No, he looked at my breasts and said that the small amount of redness and swelling I'm experiencing does not look like mastitis. I worried about that, too.
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    I was going to say Mastitis. Or you have an infection somewhere and they missed it. 

    I'm usually not a fan of antibiotics without reason but this would make me ask for them. 

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  • A friend of ours had a staph infection that resulted in a 104 temperature a few days after delivery.  After a very long process, they realized the doctor had nicked her bowel during her episiotomy.

    Hopefully this is not your case and I hope you feel better soon.


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  • I haven't had this happen to me personally, but I would suggest you try and get in touch with the infectious disease people at the hospital.  If you are at a good hospital you could get a good team that may think of things that the normal ER or GP doctors wouldn't consider.  Good luck, I"m so sorry you're going through this.

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  • I know they probably checked for this, but did they make sure that there were no placenta fragments that were retained?
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    I know they probably checked for this, but did they make sure that there were no placenta fragments that were retained?
    I'm not sure exactly what they do to rule this out, but the doctor did say that was one of the things he had ruled out. Not that this probably means much, but when I delivered the placenta it looked very smooth and intact...
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  • sorry to hear, hope they find out soon. I had a nagging soar throat and chills and "hot flashes" from about a week to 2 month after giving birth. For throat we could not figure out what caused it but I took antibiotic just in case. For the other I just have to wait till hormones stabilize.

    By all signs you have some type of infection/inflammation in your body hope they find the cause soon!

  • Ask your dr. To take Xray and/or cat scan of your mid section in case you have infection of some blood clots. Sorry about your status.
  • This happened to me 3 days after coming home from th hospital I had to go back to hospital twice with a fever of 104... It was mastitis
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