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silent reflux?

Recently DD had been whining when she was burped, I didn't think much of it. The past few days DD has started screaming when she's burped. Could it be silent reflux? I've had more "straight" dairy this week too(yogurt, ice cream, milk). She also happens to be turning 12 weeks so I thought all her screaming was from wonder week. Today I realized it's always when she burps or during her sleep . I feel awful for her :(



Re: silent reflux?

  • Could be.  There's a reflux symptom quiz in baby 411 or maybe online.  Meds really helped us, so it's worth trying to figure it out.
  • My baby has started doing the same thing this week.  We are 12 weeks this week.  She has started bloody murder screaming and then a tiny little burp.  I was thinking maybe they are just getting smart enough to know that screaming signals "do something mom!"
  • My son used to do the same thing around a month old. I cut ALL dairy and soy from my diet and about 3 weeks later (it takes 3 weeks for all the dairy to get out of your system and your milk) and he hasn't done it since. We used meds for those 3 weeks until the dairy was out of my system, then stopped meds. I accidentally had a taste of cheese a week ago and poor baby was miserable a few hours later. :( Its worth talking to your pedi about.
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  • It may be a mill allergy. My LO was doing the same thing and I cut out dairy/soy while breast feeding but he still was uncomfortable and we eventually had to go to an hypoallergenic formula. He also has silent reflux. He is on Pepcid too and with the combination is doing great, sooo much happier and sleeping 810hours at night. He will be 12weeks Monday.
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