EBF 6 times a day...but get nothing when I pump!

HELP! I'm a SAHM so I EBF my 12 week old. He eats 6 times a day 3-3.5 hours apart (he STTN 8-9 hours). I am a wedding coordinator and work 1-2 Saturdays a month, so my husband watches the baby. Up until now I have been able to have 4 4oz milk bags ready for him (I am home for first 2 feedings). It was with great effort though, I had to wake up at 2-3am to pump 4oz. Ugh, annoying but at least I was getting something. Now all of the sudden I get nothing at that time! I tried 2 nights in a row and I was lucky to get an ounce. I also try pumping an hour after he eats and get nothing. What do I do? Any of you experience this? Really don't want to introduce formula.
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Re: EBF 6 times a day...but get nothing when I pump!

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    Can you pump on the days you work away from LO and freeze that milk for the next time?

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  • Are you using a hospital grade electric pump? If not, try to get one of these asap. Your health insurance should cover the rental. You will want to pump both breasts at the same time.


    If you have one of these already, you might need to change your pump parts. If it's not either one of these, I would definitely make an appointment with a lactation consultant locally to see what's going on.


    If needed you can use herbs to increase your production. Just use them daily until you no longer need the extra milk. Personally I use Breastea from It's fairly easy. I just brew up a gallon at a time and drink a few glasses a day. 


    Hang in there!

  • Try drinking more liquid and eating oatmeal the steel cut kind also try fennel seeds , fengreek and mother's milk tea have you tried pumping on the days your home it take the body time to adjust to making more milk
  • Do you pump while you are at work? Ideally you should be pumping while working to replace what he is eating while you are away....

    Baby is probably going through the 3 month growth spurt. During growth spurts, babies eat more so it's normal to pump a bit less until your supply catches up to the increased demand.

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  • I don't respond to pumps. I know I produce plenty of milk because my LO is happily gaining weight, peeing etc. For some reason though I only get 1-2 oz of milk per pumping session. I do get a bit more if I nurse and pump at the same time. Its kinda awkward but it does allow me to have a normal let down and Ill get more milk that way. I have a bustier nursing bra and it allows me to do both at once.

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  • Due to low supply issue I pump for 10 minutes each time after LO eats. Since I started doing that I've slowly built my supply up by making my body think it needed more. Since you don't need a ton more maybe just add pumping after one or two meals a day?

    I also take the supplements and that helped within days.


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