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Hello. My first time to this board. I have a question for moms that office from home. I WFH, and I'm wondering how realistic it is to not have help with LO while I work. I know some of that depends on my job, but just wondering if anyone else has successfully done it.

My job is flexible to some extent, but I am on calls for about 3 hours a day. Although I'm often on mute just listening, speaking only occasionally.. I started back to work this week, and didn't have issues, but LO is only 6 weeks old and still sleeps a lot.
Just would like some advice from BTDT moms.
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Re: Moms that office from home

  • 3 kids ages 7 1/2, almost 5 and 18 months. I've been working from home for 6 years. What I would say is initially you can probably get away without help as the baby spends most of the day sleeping. However, as your baby spends more time awake and then gets mobile, it can be VERY challenging. And I will say that once my kids starting walking, it is nearly impossible unless they are sleeping. They are just too active. My 18 month old only sleeps about 1.5 to 2 hours for naps. If she is awake she is all over the place. Even if you are not talking on your calls, if you are expected to pay attention, that is even challenging when you have a little one on the move.
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    I agree that as the baby gets older it will get more difficult.  Also remember that the child will start to really need your attention and interaction and it's not really fair to either your job or the child to try to multi-task both.  I think you will find that you need help as time goes on.
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  • If I find out a consultant has no child care they are gone.  This most recently happened a couple months ago.  We were on a call, it was not one she planned to speak on but another project came up and she spoke - with a screaming child in the background (foreground, really).  The same thing happened later that week. 

    You might check on your company policies.

    I have three kids and have worked from home half time for nine years, full time for three years (I just stopped going in to the office) and my kids are never here during work hours.  It would be impossible to focus enough to get my work done.  When I consulted I also did not bill for the time I went to grab coffee, etc. so take me with a grain of salt, but I take 8 hours pretty seriously.  I generally am at my computer 10 hours a day and deduct time on TB etc. from the hours I log for work.

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  • I have no plans to bill for time I don't work, so if I take 30 minutes to feed DD, then I'm not working then.  For the summer, I will have help as DD1 and DD2 will be home.  At 14 and 17, they will be able to do everything except pump BM for me.  I am concerned about come September when my older two go back to school and LO is then 5+ months old - meaning getting ready to be mobile.  

    I just wanted to get some opinions, and you have all confirmed my thoughts.  I am gong to have to start looking into our options for fall. 

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    I "work" from home about once a week with my 14 month old and I don't get a thing done if he's home with me except while he naps, which is maybe 1.5 to 2 hours. I normally end up playing with him most of the day, answering emails from my phone or iPad while we play and I make up the rest of my day after he goes to sleep. To think I could attempt to work from home full-time from home with my wild little dude running around, getting into everything, is laughable. I do enjoy our days together and it''s worth staying up late to make up work-- I couldn't do it every day, though!
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    I work from home and the kids are in daycare. No way could I watch them and work.


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  • I have two part time jobs, so I work 10-20 hours a week from home (and two days a week I'm out of the house). I could never have worked with either of the kids home at any age. They inevitably need you or wake up or cry or poop exactly when you are busy.

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    My husband has the world's most flexible WFH job. Prior to the last year, he spent most of his day writing reports with very little time on the phone. He had the option to work whenever he wanted, and he was able to get most of his work done in about half the time that was expected when he did not have kids at home. We were able to get away with parttime daycare. When he was promoted a year ago, we switched to nearly fulltime, and now the only time he has them at home is for two hours a few afternoon each week. Every single time he's home with them, he is frazzled and frustrated when I get home from managing kids plus work calls for even that short time. I agree with everyone else you will need child care, although you may be able to get away with parttime help, depending on the nature of your job.
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  • I think it depends on your job requirements and the flexibility of your spouse.  If you have flexible hours, you could probably work 6am-8am while baby is sleeping or spouse watching her, then again during nap time (maybe two hrs) and then again from 5-7pm, take a break for bedtime and then work again after baby is down for the night.  This would never work for me, I'm on calls and need to be responsive from 7am-7pm, the first and last hr or two is more flexible, but I could not break up my schedule that way.  I don't have to bill for time, so I am at my desk close to 12 hrs a day, but can take breaks here and there to grab coffee, sneak snuggles for E, and otherwise enjoy the perks of WFH.  We have a nanny who watches E at our house, and he is 18 months.  So far it works just fine, I have an office upstairs where I can just close the door.  Our plan is to keep him home until next fall, so a little before 3 yrs.  If it starts to get harder for him to know I'm here and not be with him, then we'll reevaluate.
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    I have two kids and have worked from home full time for 10 years, 2 with children! My kids are never here during work hours. It would be impossible to focus enough to get my work done. I get up and take them to daycare in the a.m. and pick them up at 5.  I need to focus and cannot even imaging doing that with a 2 y/o and a newborn!
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    I work from home and the kids are in daycare. No way could I watch them and work.

    Yup.  I work from home 1/2 the week and the office the other half.  No way could I get work done if he was at home with me. 

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