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When do you stop waking a baby who is eating?

My son is 6 weeks and last night was kinda rough in terms of putting him to bed the first half of the night. After some struggle he fell asleep, he woke up to eat like normal for his middle of the night nursing at 3:30am. He only nursed for two minutes before snoring... being extremely tired myself I went to bed again and he woke up at 7am like normal ready to eat.

Should I have woken him up to eat more in the middle of the night? I was surprised he did this and it gave me a glimmer of what sleeping through the night was like.. and I have to say, I liked it. lol.

He is gaining weight really well, at his month appointment from losing weight, he put on a pound and half in one week and since I feel like he is growing a lot more (won't be able to weigh him for another few weeks at his two month). Since the growth spurt is happening he has only had up to two poopy diapers a day, but still a lot of wet ones. Just worried if I should let him do his less than 5 minute eating or not (he has done it more than once since.)

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Re: When do you stop waking a baby who is eating?

  • I have never woken a sleeping baby. My toddler now weighs 34 pounds clearly I didn't ruin him.
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    I have never woken a sleeping baby. My toddler now weighs 34 pounds clearly I didn't ruin him.

     This.  From the beginning mine has slept 4 hour stretches at night, and now it has stretched to 6.5 hours.  They wake up when they're hunger.  Maybe all little man needed was a "top off" and he was good to go.  As long as he's gaining weight, I think your ok.

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  • Alright, thank you ladies. I had to wake him up before when he was first losing weight... so it kinda has me scared that if he doesn't eat like he normally eats, he will lose weight again.. =/
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  • I would let him sleep.  We never woke DD and she was born small.  She always gained weight just fine, just ate more during the day when she slept a lot at night.

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  • My daughter is 8 weeks and I dont wake her. She smacks her lips during the night and I feed her and she goes right back to sleep for about 5 hours until she wakes back up. she is gainig great, born at 6 pounds and weighed 9 pounds at her last appointment.
  • Our pedi instructed us to wake for night feeds until he surpassed his birthweight. So, you're fine to let him sleep now. 
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  • My pedi said it was ok to stop waking for feedings once LO regained her birthweight.
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  • If he has gained more weight and is having plenty of wet diapers, it's not going to hurt him to let him sleep. I might wake my LO up to eat more, but only bc I am worried that if he eats too little, his tummy won't be full and he won't sleep as long... not bc I'm worried that he's not getting enough to eat. My LO is only a month, though, and doesn't seem anywhere close to STTN. Perhaps your LO is getting close to it and that wake-up is becoming more of a comfort thing than an actual need to eat? I would experiment with it and see what happens, but if you notice that he's only eating for a couple of minutes and then he is waking up sooner for the next feeding, I would wake him up to feed more. Otherwise, go for it!


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