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When do you stop waking a baby who is eating?

My son is 6 weeks and last night was kinda rough in terms of putting him to bed the first half of the night. After some struggle he fell asleep, he woke up to eat like normal for his middle of the night nursing at 3:30am. He only nursed for two minutes before snoring... being extremely tired myself I went to bed again and he woke up at 7am like normal ready to eat.

Should I have woken him up to eat more in the middle of the night? I was surprised he did this and it gave me a glimmer of what sleeping through the night was like.. and I have to say, I liked it. lol.

He is gaining weight really well, at his month appointment from losing weight, he put on a pound and half in one week and since I feel like he is growing a lot more (won't be able to weigh him for another few weeks at his two month). Since the growth spurt is happening he has only had up to two poopy diapers a day, but still a lot of wet ones. Just worried if I should let him do his less than 5 minute eating or not (he has done it more than once since.)

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Re: When do you stop waking a baby who is eating?

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