Free breast pump= greedy?

I just came to find out that I qualify for a free breast pump from my insurance.  I can get either a manual, single-electric, double-electric, or get this: hospital grade!  At no cost to me.  Immediately, I think, well heck, I want the hospital grade one if it's going to be free, but I do realize that these things are not actually free and come at an expense to someone. 

So here's my question.  I have an Ameda Purely Yours, similar to Madela PIS, I guess (except I liked it better since it has a "closed system").  The Ameda started to slow down with LO #2, and I can't be sure that it will be performing optimally for baby #3.  However, I am not currently working and don't know if I'll even get a job before #3 is done nursing and I am kind of thinking #3 will be my last one.  So I'm wondering if I should get the pump at all or if that would just be greedy?  I know I will pump for sure for DH feedings and for times when I just can't be with LO.  Also do I go for the hospital grade just because I can?  LO #1 did not gain weight for almost 2 weeks when I first nursed, so I do have a history of inefficient nursing, but all in all it worked out in the end without a hospital grade pump.  I'm just thinking this thing will be quicker and more efficient.  Any leftover milk that I don't use with #3, I plan to donate to a mother's milk bank.  And I will likely donate or sell both pumps when I am done.  If I get one for free, I will definitely donate! 

I know this is kind of rambling here, but it's been an internal struggle that I thought maybe you ladies could help with. 

Re: Free breast pump= greedy?

  • I personally would not do it unless there came a time I needed one regularly (daily).  I am using he one from my other 2 kids and it seems fine.  If it breaks down than I will go through insurance..

     A bit OT but I've seen an influx of brand new pumps on Craigslist this year and it makes me so mad because I bet a lot of them are ones people got through insurance with no intention of using at all and only got to sell...

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  • I would go for the hospital grade just because when I was pumping in the hospital I found it so much better than that Purely yours one my insurance company covered. I was pumping 3 to 4 ounces per session in the hospital but now that I come home and use that one I get maybe two. DD was nursing as well being bottle fed in hospital. If they're going to cover it why not ya know??
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    You should definitely get it.  My older pump broke down.  By the time the insurance gave me a new one (free), it took a month.  It was a nightmare.  In the meantime, I had to use a really slow, less effective rental.    You don't want to be in my situation.
  • The person who is paying for the pump is you. You pay a premium for a reason. Don't worry about who is paying for it part; the insurance company will still make plenty of money.
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  • Get it!  You've been paying your premium!  And a hospital grade and the Ameda are both closed systems, so you can donate them to someone else when you finished with them!



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  • I would get the double electric. Like a pp I have had many friends and family have their old one break and have it take a while to get a new one. I think you would for sure use it, I don't think you would just sell it right away.

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  • As of Aug 2012 certain (most) insurances plans were required to cover the cost of breast pumps. I had already bought a pump (not the one I wanted, but we're on a budget), so when I found it out, I got the exact pump I wanted from my insurance. I don't think it's greedy, that's why you pay for insurance, to get those perks.

    I gave my old pump to a friend in need, and am so happy to have the current one. I think if you plan to have more kids, it's a definite bonus. 

    I really don't see the greed in it. 

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  • You should get it. My insurance would only provide one thirty days before my due date to thirty days after birth. If something happens to yours and your insurance is the same you'd be out of luck.
  • Assuming you receive your insurance through your and your employer are paying for the pump.  I say go big, or go home :) As a side note I gotta get on the phone and see what my insurance covers!
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    I personally would not do it unless there came a time I needed one regularly (daily).  I am using he one from my other 2 kids and it seems fine.  If it breaks down than I will go through insurance..

    Just FYI, most insurance companies have a time limit on long after giving birth you can get breast pump through covered by your insurance. Some have a limit of just 30 days, others say several months. 

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