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Weight loss struggle

So I'm 4 weeks out from delivering baby girl  today and still struggling with this baby weight. I lost 30lbs quick in the first week ...( I'm thinking lots of water) but I still have 30 lbs to go to get to pre pregnancy weight and can't lose a pound or the life of me! Any suggestions ??!!!! I'm desperate! 

Re: Weight loss struggle

  • Sol1790Sol1790
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    Same boat! I need to loose 20 poudns and I just cant seem to loose any of it. It stresses me out! I do not want to be like this for months im ready to fit my jeans!
  • KovakKovak
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    Are you exercising? I just started TurboFire on Monday. I'm already starting to feel better.
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  • evertzevertz
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    Keep in mind that it took you 9 months to gain the weight so give yourself some slack.. it's only been 4 weeks and you're half way there!

    My plan is to join weight watchers when I'm 6 weeks PP. I've started walking 3 to 4 times a week and will pick up on the exercise when I get the ok from my doctor. 

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  • I know it's hard but try to be patient. Eat healthy and don't weigh yourself too often. I had huge drops after DsS1, 30+ pounds right after birth then nothing for a month then 5+ then nothing for a couple weeks then another 5-10. Your body is adjusting and needs to accept that its okay to let go of the weight. 

    Also, if you're breastfeeding that can make weight loss a little wacky. Your body is balancing a lot of things and trying to make sure you won't starve or starve the baby. It's frustrating but it takes time.

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  • lawa306lawa306
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    Yes, also keep in mind not everyone loses weight while breastfeeding. With my first, I lost 30 pounds fast- and then the last 15-20 did not come off until I stopped breastfeeding and then took another couple of months. I was so stressed out because I tried everything and everyone says you lose weight breastfeeding but there are those of us whose bodies hold onto some in order to make enough milk. Eventually your body will go back to normal- just on its own timetable!!

  • Thanks ladies!!! I was beginning to panic but now I know I'm not alone!!!!
  • It takes time. Took you 9 months to get to this weight.
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