AW: One year!!

Nicole is one year old today! 

For the past few months, I haven't had a doubt that we would make it this far -- but we had a rough start and have had our ups and downs through 9 months of pumping at work.

In the hospital, LO had a billi level of 9 at 24 hours she had a bottle of formula at 3am when I was too tired to argue w/ a pushy nurse (though it prob. was medically necessary) to keep her hydrated while going under the billi lights. On day 2, we met with the LC and tried to use a tube at my breast, a tube on a finger, and LO would have none of she got another bottle and I learned how to use the pump.  Thankfully I got good advice about the LC regarding pumping and a hospital grade pump, and my LO's poor nursing did not affect my milk coming in, which happened on day 3...we were able to supplement with only pumped colostrum/milk after the 2nd bottle of formula.  

From day 2 to day 7, LO gained no weight at all - and that was while supplementing nursing w/ pumped milk, except for 1 day of trying just the breast.  My poor lazy/disorganized nurser just couldn't get the hang of it...  we mostly EPed for another week and she started gaining weight, and then I called an LC and we did weighed feedings/supplementing when necessary for a week to get her back on the breast. 

By a month, she had finally woken up and figured it out.  We still had days where we did nothing but nurse for a few weeks, but getting out and about became easier and at 5w I nursed on a park bench at the county fair.

Going back to work was another challenge, and we had some overfeeding issues at daycare for a while, which made keeping up with pumping difficult. I had days of pumping 5x/day and on weekends, but in the end, I never had to supplement after that first week.

I will be weaning for medical reasons and I'm sad about it- but at the same time, LO is starting to self-wean, so that makes it easier. She no longer demands our post-work nursing session, and is less interested in the mornings, as well. I was hoping to nurse morning and night for another month, but it's up to her now.

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