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Milk Supply? Help!

I'm worried my supply is dropping dramatically.. I EBF and typically pump one extra session in the morning and get 4-7 oz... But lately, I'm getting less than an oz! LO seems to want to nurse longer and longer, which I'm fine with, but I go back to work in 2 weeks and if I can't get milk from pumping, she's going to run out of milk! Is it normal for milk supply to just drop off so suddenly? One day it was full steam ahead, the next it was like the Sahara! 

I've tried oatmeal, mothers milk tea, increasing water, etc. I just ordered some Fenugreek, but aside from that, I don't know what to do.

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Re: Milk Supply? Help!

  • BBS!BBS!
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    Could you be pregnant
  • Could your lo be taking more in the morning? I used to pump 6oz from one side while lo fed on the other but now she feeds on both sides and I won't get much if I pump right after so I wait an hour ans pump once I get to work abs everything is fine. Your lo might just be eating more
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    THis happened to me right as I started the mini-pill - just something to think about if you're on hormonal BC. Could also be that you're ovulating / getting ready to have a period / are pregnant.

    I've been making lactation cookies so that I have enough to pump, and it has a triple whammy of oats, brewer's yeast and flax seed meal. I found the oats and flax at my commissary but any health food store should ahve it, and you can find the brewer's yeast at The Vitamin Shoppe. Here's the reciple - they're delicious!! (also, I substitute apple sauce in equal parts for the butter, and double the flax to omit the egg, if you're looking for a healthier twist)


    It's also nice getting to eat 3 cookies a day and feel productive instead of guilty :p 

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  • kitevkitev
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    This happened to me about two weeks ago. My boobs were full, but I just couldn't get the milk to let down so was only pumping about an ounce. I gave up pumping in the morning for a couple days and nursed E as much as I could get her to do even when she wasn't hungry and things returned to normal after that.
    Also, have you tried cranking up the suction?
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  • I've tried cranking up the suction.. Also tried pumping after every time feeding her today and was at least able to get enough extra throughout the day to fill one full bottle.. So that's good.

    I'm pretty sure I'm not pregnant..we've only managed to DTD twice, and that's been within the last week.  I AM taking the mini pill, and have already been quaffling about taking it.. I've always noticed that hormonal BC turns my sex drive off (EXCELLENT for birth control since I don't want to have sex!) and turns me into a hormonal freak (or at least gives me something to blame it on).. Hopefully that's not the cause, since we're not ready for number 2 yet!

     I need to get off my butt and make the lactation cookies.. sounds like the best reason to make cookies I've ever heard of! 



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  • my milk supply dropped after i went to work at first. i had to increase my caloric intake so i've had to add like a burger and/or milkshake to my diet every day and that has bumped up my milk production. i also drink a guinness every night after the babe goes to bed. i've put back on 5-10lbs, after losing all the baby weight but oh well. the burgers and beer taste good and i just chalk it up to the sacrifice a mother has to make ;)


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