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Wow! June Baby Mania

I just logged on and there are lots of babies being born. So excited and happy for everyone. Good luck mamas!

Re: Wow! June Baby Mania

  • I know!  This is terrifying to me- we move in two weeks and I have no hospital bag packed or baby clothes washed (or diapers---).


    Congratulations mamas! 

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  • So exciting! I can't believe June is just around the corner...can't wait to see all the cute babies!
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  • rzurbrrzurbr
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    I thought it was just me too.  Every time I log on there's a new 'June' baby here.  Congrats mamas and it makes me more and more anxious for mine's arrival though she can stay cooking for awhile longer.

  • Due June 2-9 (I got a range -- did anyone else get that?) and no hospital bag packed, but the carseat is in.  Not sure that I want to pack a bag because I'll end up unpacking all of my most comfortable items to wear around the house!

     Had my OB appointment on 5/13 -- 1 cm, 0% and her head is super low.  Sort of hoping I download early... I cannot imagine waddling for another month!  36 weeks this week.

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