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weaning advice needed

I breastfeed my 10 month old daughter.  She nurses usually 4 times a day and sometimes in the middle of the night which is mostly for comfort.

I am all for breastfeeding long term but I am returning to work in July, so she obviously won't be able to continue nursing on demand.  I tried to start replacing one nursing session this week.  She won't take anything from a bottle.  I tried the sippy cup as well. She loves having water from the sippy cup but she never drinks very much.  She just has a few sips and then plays with the cup.  She did the same with milk in the cup.

I was originally planning to wean her to formula before returning to work.  I am willing to pump a couple times at work and nurse her in the evenings, but I just can't get her to drink from any source other than my breasts.  I'm worried she won't be ready by the time I go back to work. She is also not eating a lot of solids yet.  I give her finger foods and let her have what she wants.  She has never liked being spoon fed purees.
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Re: weaning advice needed

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