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Again with the bicornuate uterus??? I had my "pregnancy confirmation" appointment this morning. The appointment that is supposed to be the first one, except well...this was actually my 4th appt. Anyways, after my last appt, I was feeling good with the uterus thing. They were like it's mild just a dimple really, and then today on the screen I see again..possible bicornuate uterus. She said nothing about it being mild or not noticeable. I'm like REALLY u/s tech? They just keep freaking me out. It's driving me crazy. I was finally NOT worrying about that, and now I'm back to worrying about it. Someone please tell me not to worry.

On the plus side, baby was cute and doing the worm and the heart rate was 185bpm. And I go back again in 2 more weeks for the 12 week ultrasound a few days early, b/c I'll be out of town my whole 12th week. 

Also..they made me feel kind of like a fat cow. I weigh a little more than I should, but they were like you can only gain 11-15 pounds and absolutely nothing other than water, b/c you can't have any liquid calories.

All of this to say, I'm glad my baby is doing good, but I feel kind of freaked out. *sighs* 

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Re: Again with the bicornuate uterus???

  • Ugh... I hope you can ignore the worry (easier said then done) and just focus on WOW - healthy LO! Hooray! Congrats!
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  • I hope it's not a big deal!

    And as for the water? I simply can't drink water or I start gagging, so if I don't drink juice or ginger ale, I'm not getting any liquids at all. What a load of crap!

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  • I am so sorry you are going through this...YAY for baby though. Sounds like he/she is doing great :)

    I weigh more than I should too and try to stick to water, but sometimes it is just GROSS! Stick out tongue

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  • image BootsOrHearts:
    I hope it's not a big deal! And as for the water? I simply can't drink water or I start gagging, so if I don't drink juice or ginger ale, I'm not getting any liquids at all. What a load of crap!

    This! I wouldn't have survived the 1st trimester if I could only have water!
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  • Just breathe. I know it is scary but having a bicornuate is ok. I carried one son full term and if he hadnt had his heart issues, I would have carried the second one to term in my bicornuate. As long as the baby is on the right side of my ute, which this one is, I have healthy pregnancies. If your doctor is not concerned, try not to worry.
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  • Glad to hear baby is looking good! Sorry if I missed it, but have you had the chance to have a frank discussion about your ute with your Dr to clear the confusion about what exactly it means for you? Like PgAL brain is not enough....




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  • If it eases your mind, I have a bicornuate uterus and have a healthy 19 month old and one on the way. Hopefully yours is mild if there at all!
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