weaning advice needed

I breastfeed my 10 month old daughter.  She nurses usually 4 times a day and sometimes in the middle of the night which is mostly for comfort.

I am returning to work in July, so I tried to start replacing one nursing session this week.  She won't take anything from a bottle.  I tried the sippy cup as well. She loves having water from the sippy cup but she never drinks very much.  She just has a few sips and then plays with the cup.  She did the same with milk in the cup.

I was originally planning to wean her to formula before returning to work.  I am willing to pump a couple times at work and nurse her in the evenings, but I just can't get her to drink from any source other than my breasts.  I'm worried she won't be ready by the time I go back to work. She is also not eating a lot of solids yet.  I give her finger foods and let her have what she wants.  She has never liked being spoon fed purees.

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Re: weaning advice needed

  • Things can change a lot in a couple of months. I would just keep offering the sippy. FWIW, my LO doesn't drink much from the sippy if I'm around, but she'll drink a lot from it with DH.
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  • I agree with the other poster. DS just started taking more water in his sippy within the last week or two. He is now 11 months old. I would keep offering the sippy and they will figure it out with practice. If you have some pumped milk, you could offer some of that in the sippy.
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  • By the time you go back to work she will be over a year, so if you could get her solids to increase, you should be fine without milk in a sippy at all.

    DD is 13 months and nurses twice a day. She eats solids all day and drinks water in a sippy cup. I hardly bother with milk in a cup anymore because she never drinks more than a few sips and it gets wasted. We just make sure she eats a lot of dairy- cottage cheese, string cheese, yogurt, etc. 

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  • Is it possible for someone else to give her the bottle besides you?  She's probably confused about why she can't just nurse if you are there.  I know my son will take a bottle from others, but if I'm around he wants nothing to do with it and tries to dive for my chest.

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  • At this age you should skip the bottle and formula. Focus on getting her to take any type if liquid in a sippy cup. You can offer WCM in small amounts too. You do not have to wean now and stress about this. IMO the older baby months were the easiest and most fun BFing times. When you return to work you both will figure it out. My baby refused all liquids from the DCP for a few days but would eat any kind of solids while I was gone. I finally had to sweeten the WCM with a little vanilla syrup and have his big sister drink from the exact same sippy.
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  • you could go with more solids. I use this website to get inspired with foods for my precious. It's accurate and useful. You could give it a try! Hope it helps you too!

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