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Anyone flying with a 12-13 week old?

My best friend is getting married in NH in July and I really hate to miss her day. Of course she would understand if I couldn't make it, but its also happens to be around 4th of July and both my DH and I's family lives there as well and I'm trying to decide if it would be best to fly with him or leave him home with daddy. I believe he'll be 13 weeks at the time and I would love any input/advice those of you with experience on this might have, especially for those who have traveled alone with your LO for the first time. It is a long flight from CA to NH so at this point I'm thinking it would be best to have him stay home with dad for the few days I will be gone. On the other hand, friends and family back home (NH, where we are originally from) would love for him to join me so they can meet him, not to mention this way he'll be with me and I won't have to pump milk for the days I'm away. TIA for any advice!

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Re: Anyone flying with a 12-13 week old?

  • I would take the baby. They are much easier to fly with at that age than when they get older. Just plan to nurse or bottle feed on take off and landing to help with the ears. We are taking DD on a flight the same age and thats the least scary part of our trip.
  • Just flew with my 11/12 week old.  DH was with me and flight wasn't that long, but it was a breeze.  I would have no problem taking DS without DH. I say do it!
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    Definitely take baby. Babies at that age are the easiest to fly with. Ditto the advice about bottle/nursing at take off and landing. You can check a car seat, and you get your regular carry-ons plus a diaper bag and a stroller. 
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  • My daughter will be 8 weeks and 5 days when we get on the airplane next week. We are going on vacation and I think she will be perfectly fine. She is not a fussy baby so as long as she eats, she will probably sleep most of he time.
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    I just got done flying with my 13 week old, it went well. I bought a travel boppy and loved it. You would be fine with out it, but I like it!
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    it's pretty easy to fly at that age. just bring a carrier and check everything else so you don't have to lug it thru security. i suggest the ergo with infant insert.

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