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Loss ticker question

Good morning ladies,

 I wanted to ask a question about the ticker code for the loss tickers. I went to lilipie? and made one a while ago, but I had to change my pregnancy ticker and accidentally deleted my loss one!! So, I went back to make a new one and now it won't allow the code in my signature on TB. Any idea what I did wrong? Or which code to use? I feel awful that my loss ticker is gone...I always want to have those babies remembered, but now I am having trouble getting it back!


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Re: Loss ticker question

  • Maybe click on mine and see if it will let you use it. I'm no good with stuff like that but it might work.
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  • Is it possible you have the code in your siggy and it's just not showing? TB has been having issues with saving changes. If you've copied and pasted the code try saving about 10 times and it should update.
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  • You need to use the code that starts with <ahref... or something like that. TB is also being dumb with signatures lately, so you will need to hit save about a million times.

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