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Nap question

My LO has always been a fantastic napper and sleeper for that matter.  She can go down every 2 hrs for a 1 hr nap.  While she is at daycare she usually takes about an hr nap in the AM and a 2 hr nap in the afternoon until about 3.  My husband picks her up from daycare and immediately puts her down for a nap when he gets home at about 430 or so.  She falls asleep no problem so I am assuming she's tired.  Here's the problem...  she falls asleep in the swing (for naps I think that's fine) but we also do it at night and then transfer her to the crib where she sleeps fully until we wake her at about 7am for daycare.  The past few nights we've been trying to put her down in the crib without the swing and it's been a NIGHTMARE! She screams and won't lay down.  My question is:  do you think we should drop that last nap at 430? She will sleep until 6 or 630 or later if you let her.  Now that she's getting older I am concerned that this late nap is affecting her falling asleep at night.  Thoughts?  Thanks!

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Re: Nap question

  • we dropped LO's third nap around eight months... it just kind of happened. i don't think it will hurt if you try to push her through the evening hours and see if she can make it to bed time. she may be ready for bed at 6:30 and i see nothing wrong with an early bedtime! 

    good luck! :) 

  • We only get 3 naps these days if one of the first two are short. I don't let him sleep past 5:30 because bedtime is 7:00.
  • DS dropped his third nap just recently and he's 10 months. He takes two solid naps at daycare and he would used to catnap either on the way home from daycare or in the swing in the evening. Just the past week or two he's been skipping the third one and lasting until his bedtime at 7:45
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