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I have been putting my almost 3 week old in a crib every night since bringing her home. It hasn't gone very well. She wakes every hour, so literally, I feed her, put her back in her crib, then I start to fall asleep and she's up crying.

This week, After my fiance gets up for workI'm on maternity leave, I have been just keeping her in our bed with me. She will sleep for about 3 hours, and I do too!

Before this week, once it's 6am, I go downstairs with her to feed and we would take a nap on the couch together until about 830am.

I am wondering if at this age if she will come to expect to sleep with me, or what? It's the only way I can get some sleep.

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    i think you're fine as far as her expecting to sleep with you.  However, co-sleeping can be very dangerous.  You might want to try the attachment parenting board.

  • We do bedsharing here, and my first transitioned easily to his own bed in his own room. We bedshare when he had night disturbances -- so it was on and off for the first 10 months. There are safe ways to bedshare -- you can read up on it. No heavy blankets, make sure baby cannot roll off the bed, etc.

    I would not bedshare on the sofa -- too risky there since it is so narrow. But think it is best for all of us in our bed.  

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  • I think you will be fine.  I have done this with all of my kids and they move into their own rooms/beds no problem. 

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    I did with DS b/c it was the only way I got sleep and it worked for us for about 6 months.  With DD I tried and it worked for a couple weeks then i realized she was keeping me awake with her noises and put her in her room.  We both sleep better.  Every baby is different but do what works for you!
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  • i did the exact same thing with ds and dd and now i cant get them out my bed.They are 4 and 18m.Every child is different but i sure wish i hadnt bedshared with them with my new LO i definitely(or atleast trying)not to do the same as there is absolutely no space in our bed poor DH.
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  • We bedshare and have since birth :)  I highly recommend checking out Dr. Sear's website or Dr. Mckenna's for how to co-bed safely (not on a couch, only if breastfeeding, not under influence of medication, etc.).  You need sleep and baby needs reassurance so it is a win-win in my book!
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  • According to Weissbluth, the slate gets wiped clean at 4 months. Meaning, LO won't develop any bad habits prior to 4 months. Many pedi's, including Dr. Karp, who wrote Happiest Baby on the Block, say the first 3 months is like a fourth trimester. So I wouldn't worry about LO developing an expectation of sleeping with you.

    We bed shared with DS until he was 5 months, then transitioned him to the crib using the Weissbluth and Ferber methods. We are doing the same with this LO.

    Do read up on bed sharing, thoughas PP's said, it is NOT safe to sleep on a couch together. There are definitely safe ways to bed share.
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